3 Lemon Grass Benefits You Must Know About

lemon grass benefits

Lemon grass is a lemon-scented plant that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to fight off colds, coughs and other respiratory issues.

Today, lemon grass remains popular as an ingredient in many dishes around the world and is often found in Southeast Asian cuisine. It can also be taken as a supplement for its medicinal purposes. Lemon grass doesn’t just offer relief from common ailments – it also offers some rather impressive health benefits that you might not know about! Take a look at these lemon grass benefits:

1) Lemon grass can help reduce inflammation and pain

Lemon Grass

Do you know lemon grass benefits? It’s a kind of herb that is often used in cooking. Lemon grass can help reduce inflammation and pain, which are common problems for many people. One lemon grass benefit is lemon grass tea, which helps relieve the symptoms of colds, coughs and sore throats. This tea also has diuretic properties to prevent kidney stones.

Lemon grass oil also has these same benefits when applied topically on different parts of the body like joints or nerves that are experiencing chronic pain or inflammation. You can even mix lemon-grass with other oils like lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus for added relief! The best part about lemon grass though is it taste great in most dishes so there’s lemon grass benefit for your taste buds too!

2) Lemon grass is a potent antioxidant

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is a potent antioxidant. It contains vitamin C, lemon acid and lemonene, which are all powerful antioxidants.  Lemon grass can also prevent your body from storing excess fat around the midsection because it has been shown to suppress appetite when taken before meals. This will help you eat less while still feeling full after eating due to its high fiber content that promotes satiety in the stomach. Lemon grass also slows down digestion so feelings of hunger come on more slowly – this helps promote weight loss by reducing food intake overall throughout the day. Research has even found lemon grass to be effective in fighting cancer cells! All these benefits make lemon grass an essential part of any healthy diet plan.

3) Lemon grass may help you treat acne

It is not possible to live without lemon grass! You can use lemon grass for various purposes. It has many benefits and it will be your best friend if you know how to use it correctly. One of the most popular uses of lemon grass is treating acne.

There are different types of lemon grass, but all have amazing properties that make them useful for this purpose. Lemon grass relieves inflammation, balances pH levels in the skin, reduces oil production on the skin, kills bacteria and fights infection. All these factors combined help treat acne by preventing pimples from forming or worsening existing ones; they also reduce redness and swelling caused by pimples which decreases pain and discomfort from them as well as other symptoms such as itchiness or irritation from dry skin.

The best lemon grass to use for treating acne is lemon grass oil. You can buy ready-made lemon grass oil on the market or make it at home. If you decide to make lemon grass oil at home, then be patient because it will take some time before you have enough lemon grass oil for regular use. Remember that lemon grass oil is not lemon grass extract so it will take more than you think to create enough lemon grass oil for regular use.

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