5 Abs Exercises Using Stability Ball

stomach exercise with ball

An exercise ball also called a fitness and stability ball is a good tool for stomach exercises, toning abs muscle, and burning belly fat. Not only this, but its usage is also good for other core muscles as well.

When you exercise with a ball its soft and bouncy quality will give you some challenging moments to maintain your alignment, strength, and stability for proper exercise and to perform movements on it. Your all core muscles will be targeted to help you maintain a steady position on it.

When choosing a fitness ball choose a ball that allows your knees to be at a right angle when you sit on it.

Follow these exercises to tone your abs and for a slim belly.

Crunch exercise:

First, start with the basics. Rest your lower back on the ball with the face-up, your feet on the floor, your hands behind your back, and hip-width apart.

Now slowly start to crunch your upper body upward, by raising your shoulder off the ball. Slowly lower your back to rest it on the ball from where we start.

Squat with Ball Overhead:

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Hold the ball overhead and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest lifted and core engaged. Now bend your knees so that you lower down as far as possible. Engage your core and glutes to move back to the first position.

Plank Steps:

On the top of the stability ball, place yourself in a plank position such that your elbows rest on the ball and force your core to stabilize your body weight on the ball. Now keep your hips parallel, taking one step at a time, step your foot up towards the ball and make sure your core is engaged.

Knee Raise exercise:

Relax your back on the stability ball and your hands behind your head just like you do in crunches. Now lift your right foot and bring your right knee towards your chest and bring it back to the previous position. Then do this step with your left leg too.

Hand to Feet Pass:

Lay on your back on the floor with the ball between your feet and your hands stretched over your head. Bring the ball up using your feet, crunch with your hands up to reach the ball, lifting your arms, shoulders, and legs all at once toward your chest.

Now pass the ball from feet to hands and lower both at the same time. Repeat this step by continuously transferring the ball from hands to feet.


Now you know these basic stomach exercises with a stability ball but remember in the beginning, start with 4 to 5 repetitions. With time, when you are able to maintain stability and good form then gradually increase this repetition period to 12 to 13 times. Breathe freely and deeply and focus on strengthening your core muscle and toning your abs.

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