5 Easy Abs Workout For Women To Try At Home

5 Easy Abs Workout For Women To Try At Home

Aside from giving you a sexy flat stomach, abs workouts help in preventing injuries, improve your running form, and gives you better balance. And when we are talking about abs workouts for women, these are also applicable. They are really an effective way to keep yourself strong and healthy. These exercises straighten your core which makes simple tasks a lot easier. However, just training your abs doesn’t work that way and you have to do a full-body exercise along with abs exercises. Apart from that, regular cardio, healthy diet are important and that too on a daily basis. Here are 5 abs workout that you need to try.

5 Easy Abs Workout For Women To Try At Home
5 Easy Abs Workout For Women To Try At Home

1-Bird Dog

Bird dog moves particularly concentrates on your lower back strength along with balance. However, when you are trying them for the first time, it is possible to lose balance and feel awkward. The more you practice them, the more they will become easier for you.

  1. Put your writs below your shoulders and your knees below your hips
  2. Extend your left leg behind your body and don’t arch back; just stay like that for a couple of seconds and restart.

2-Squat With Cross Body Twist

Practicing this move regularly would help you burn fat from your whole body. While working on this exercise, the biggest muscles in your body are in full form. Your glutes and legs benefit most from this exercise along with your core and obliques.

  1. Find a medium-weight dumbbell and hold it with your right hand. Take it over the shoulder and stand tall with your feet hip-width distance apart.
  2. Do squat with your hips and lower
  3. Stand tall by pushing your heels up, twist your torso and bring your right elbow near your left knee.


This works as both for strength and cardio. Also very easy to try, check out steps-

  1. Keep your feet and hip-width apart from each other. Stand tall and hold one medium-weight dumbbell near your right hip.
  2. Now do squat
  3. Again stand tall, push your right foot and twist your torso. This will bring the dumbbell across your chest and above your left shoulder.
  4. Restart again.

4-Hollow Body Hold

You can work on this exercise if you can pull your belly button down and that too towards your spine. Just don’t try to push your stomach out- check steps.

  1. Extend your legs and arms, lie on your back. Zip your legs together while slowly lifting your arms, shoulders.
  2. Keep your legs off the ground and keep your lower back pressed against the ground.
  3. Stay like that for 10-20 seconds and then lower your back to the ground again.

5-Plank Plus Twist

This is a muscle strengthening workout but beneficial for your abs as well.

  1. Do in a side forearm plank on your left side. Up your right hand behind your head.
  2. Up your hips as well, and with that rotate your torso towards the floor along with bringing up your right elbow to the ground.
5 Easy Abs Workout For Women To Try At Home
5 Easy Abs Workout For Women To Try At Home

These are some popular and helpful abs workout, do you know something else? Why don’t you share your workout plan with us too?

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