5 Easy And Effective Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

aerobic exercises for weight loss

Losing bodyweight is a difficult task for many. Especially if you are obese, you need to make an extra effort to get your body in shape. Well, you don’t have to opt for a gym membership for weight loss as you can easily reach the fitness goal with the help of aerobic exercises. Follow these aerobic exercises for weight loss that are not just effective but simple enough to be carried out anywhere.

Stair Climbing

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Climbing stairs is one of the simplest and most effective aerobic exercises for weight loss. This simple workout targets the abdomen, quads, glutes, and even the calves. Plus, climbing stairs is good for your cardiovascular health as it gets your heart pumping faster. Set your pace and climb the stairs up and down every day if you want to shed weight. Start with at least 10-12 minutes and then gradually increase the workout duration.


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Ask a fitness trainer to suggest a simple total body workout and the answer will be definitely skipping. Swinging the rope tones your arms, stomach, thighs, and calves. It also eliminates excess fat in the back. Start skipping by taking the rope handles in your hands. Now swing the rope and jump as soon as the rope reaches the front of your feet. Jump the rope for half an hour or so to lose enough calories.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is one exercise that can be practiced anywhere and that too without any equipment. This aerobic exercise for weight loss can be made simple or challenging as per the fitness goal. While beginners can start with 3 sets of 20-30 repetitions while experts can do up to 60-80 repetitions. To do mountain climbers, get your body on the ground on your hands such that your legs are stretched out at the back while resting on the toes. While keeping the hands under the shoulders and core engaged, lift one foot and bring your knee forward. The motion of the knee should be smooth. Try to touch the front of the thigh with the chest. Push the knee back slowly and gently and set the foot on the floor while quickly bringing the other knee to the front. You need to continue alternating these positions of the knees for up to 5-10 minutes. Relax and again do the mountain climbers for another 10-14 minutes.


Swimming can’t be missed when it’s about aerobic exercises for weight loss. When done regularly, swimming can burn some serious calories and tone muscles in no time. The best part of swimming is that it can be practiced by anyone irrespective of age. Well, there are certain strokes including butterfly and breaststroke that can help you achieve your weight-loss goal faster. While butterfly stroke helps to burn calories faster, breaststroke works on your chest, heart, and lungs. Other strokes like freestyle and backstroke also tone different parts of the body including the upper back, lower legs, arms, etc. So, we recommend practicing all the strokes if you are trying to lose weight.


Whether you cycle on a regular bike or a stationary bike at the gym, it will surely help you shed that excess weight. However, you need to focus on speed and time while cycling. While an hour of cycling at a fast speed will help you burn more calories, a moderate ride will be less effective. Even if you are using the stationary bike, try to carry out vigorous training to lose weight fast.

Try these aerobic exercises if you are trying to lose weight. You can do these exercises in the park, at home, or terrace at your convenience!

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