5 Stomach Exercise Ball Workouts To Cut All Your Fat

Stomach Exercise Ball

Do you know about the stomach exercise balls? Are you aware of the stability ball exercises? Well, stability ball refers to an awesome tool that easily indulges in your exercises without any effort. Thus, with the help of a stomach exercise ball, you gift yourself a great stability factor. Such a factor causes the core of yours to contract at a faster rate while you exercise. The exercise makes you much stronger and also offers you a fine and slimmer waistline.

Therefore, follow these easy exercises to work on gaining better stability.

List of Stomach Exercise Ball Workouts

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1. Crunches – Stomach Exercise Ball

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On the stability ball, you can rest your lower back and start your exercise. Further, by putting your hands behind your head, you can start crunching as your nose should point towards the ceiling.

Moreover, don’t forget to have your glutes strongly squeezed while you perform such an exercise. Also, repeat the stomach exercise ball technique until the wall of your abdomen feels exhausted.

2. Plank Steps

Plank is a movement that resembles a mountain climbing motion. Also, you can place yourself in a plank position when lying on the stability ball’s top. In such a case, you force the core of yours to maintain and stabilize the bodyweight of yours.

Step your one foot up one at a time, facing toward the stability ball that keeps your hips parallel with the floor. Make sure you rotate your hips, or you ensure shrugging your shoulders as you further move ahead with these steps.

3. V-Sit Ups – Stomach Exercise Ball Workout

V-Sit Ups is a workout similar to your normal v-sit up where you begin laying down on your back. So, with the help of a stability ball, you lay down on your back, having stability ball in between the feet.

When you bring your stability ball in an upward direction along with your feet, simultaneously, you are going to crunch. The crunch will be simultaneous as your hands will be in upward motion that reaches out for the ball.

Further, transfer that stability ball from the feet of yours to your hand, plus you’re in the lower position simultaneously.

Next, repeat the stomach exercise ball workout by continuously shifting the ball from the feet to the hands.

4. Roll Outs

Begin roll out exercise by first placing the hands on the stability ball and place it in front of you.

Further, gradually push your ball away from the body while keeping your knees in an identical position.

Moreover, roll out the ball as far as you can while having your chest facing the ground and core engaged.

Thus, roll back and further repeat the process.

Tip: Make sure you don’t forget to sag or drop your hips at the exercise time.

5. Heel Touches – Stomach Exercise Ball

Heel touch workout is identical to what you formerly name exercise as “suitcases.”

Moreover, you can start your exercise by putting the ball in between your feet. It would also help if you now balance yourself on your tailbone & further lean back at 45 degrees.

Furthermore, when you bend the knees, bring your stability ball as much closer to the chest as possible. Bring the ball that much closer so that it touches the heels of yours with both your hands.

Conclusion on Stomach Exercise Ball

We hope these stomach exercise ball workouts will help you shed a bulk of fat from your body and offer you a slimmer look with the waistline.

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