5 Weight Management Suggesstions

5 Weight Management Tips That Will Work for You

I am sure you are too familiar with weight loss now but how about weight management? In this article, we will talk about weight management definition, its components and its importance for healthy living.

What is weight management?

Weight Management Tips with Real Results
5 Weight Management Suggestions

Weight management focuses mainly on two things. First is attaining your ideal weight and second is maintaining it. It covers the processes and techniques to achieve those two. Weight management is a lifetime commitment and not just a phase. One should change lifestyle including diet and physical activity to manage weight.

5 Weight Management Tips Fit for Everyone

  • Do not go for crash diet, skip meals, or starve yourself- We discussed here how dangerous crash dieting is. You may lose a lot of weight but you’ll be undernourished. You should eat at least three times a day and don’t forget to eat your breakfast. Starving yourself is also counterproductive. It causes an imbalance body which can make you hungrier during the night. Furthermore, when you are a starving mode, your brain perceives that you are in survival mode. Your body will preserve your fats rather than burning them. What you’ll actually lose are muscles and fluids. 
  • Control your portions- It is true that a low-calorie diet like 1200 diet plan can make you reduce the weight. But the important question is what kind of foods are in the 1200 menu? Choose to have more fruits, vegetables, and lean meat in your diet. Minimize high-calorie foods like white or refined grains. Choose whole grains and complex sugars instead like wheat for they are burned faster.
  • Increase your fiber intake- Fiber can help you lose weight because first, it can make you full faster. Second, it can lower your cholesterol level. High fiber foods are green leafy vegetables and whole grains.

Exercise and Rest can Help You Manage Your Weight

  • Include exercise in your daily routine- Obesity is strongly linked to a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to reduce weight or maintain it, you should definitely maintain physical activity as part of your life. You can start in stretching, jogging, yoga, washing your car, taking the stairs, and many other activities that will make you move. Exercise does not only burn calories; it strengthens your muscle and immune system.
  • Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep- Did you know that water has zero calories? Not only it will keep you hydrated but it will also control your cravings. Also, did you know that you burn calories even while you’re sleeping? You can burn up to 63 calories per hour of sleep. Get up to six to eight hours of sleep every day. Power naps are also helpful.

All in all, weight management is a long-term practice and lifestyle. After you achieve your target weight, you should maintain it. Share your experience with us.

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