5 Yoga Poses To Help You Get Your Body In shape

Yoga for Weight Loss

Can yoga really help you tone your muscles?

Yoga for weight loss can be the answer to the workout plan you’re looking for. Sure you have read and maybe even tried hard core exercises in the gym like cross fit. But it just stresses you more because you can’t sustain it. How about switching to a yoga to get in shape? So here we give 5 yoga poses for beginners you can try.

How Can Yoga Help You Get Fit?

Getting fit is not all about cutting down calories and sweating in the gym. It actually begins in the mind, an area where Yoga is helpful. Practicing yoga helps you develop mindfulness. Mindfulness means increasing your awareness, especially in the food that you eat. It can make you resist the temptation of unhealthy foods and stress eating.

Yoga can help you manage stress

Yoga also lowers the stress level. Since it is a form of meditation, it can relax you and reduce your cortisol level. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for sending signals to your brain, making you crave for sweet foods; hence, you gain weight.

Yoga can burn calories too. You think yoga is not an aerobic exercise that can make you grasp your breath and heart pump. This yoga for weight loss poses is not as easy as they seem. Therefore, these can tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, and even strengthen your core. 

5 Yoga Poses To Get In Shape

1. Boat Pose– Also known as Paripurna which means full, entire, and complete and Nava means boat. If you’re targeting for that six pack abs, this yoga pose is for you. It can also strengthen your hip muscles.

yoga for weight loss boat pose
Yoga for Weight Loss Boat Pose

2. Extended Side Angle Pose– or Utthita Parsvakonasana (utthita means extended, parsva is side/flank and kona is angle). It can also help you relieve constipation and lower back ache.

Extended Side Angle Pose

3. Upward-Facing Dog Pose– Also called Urdhva (upward) Mukha (face) Svanasana (dog) which allows you to lift and open your torso. It can correct your posture and make your buttock firmer.

Warrior II or Virabhadra Yoga Pose
Warrior II or Virabhadra Yoga Pose

4. Warrior II or Virabhadra Yoga Pose– It came from a strong warrior Virabhadra who is Shiva’s incarnation. It is good for muscle stretching and muscle strengthening for legs, arms, and ankles.

5.  Seated Forward Bend– Also known as Paschimottanasana in Sanskrit  which means intense stretch. By bending forward you can relax your brain, stretch your spine, and improve kidney functions and digestion.

Seated Forward Bend Yoga Weight Loss Pose
Seated Forward Bend Yoga Weight Loss Pose

Practicing yoga will help you develop a better mindset and spirituality. It is a great exercise and will help you get in shape.

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