6 Facts About Diet Coke They Don’t Want Us To Know

6 Diet Coke Facts They Don’t Want You to Know

We have discussed Diet Coke components before but this time, we’ll let you know the real effects of these elements in your body. Diet sodas like coke promise zero calories and zero sugar. People can get easily engaged in these half “truths” but they are just tip of the iceberg. There’s more to Diet coke than its popularity among diet enthusiast. Continue reading to unravel it can really do to our bodies.

Diet Coke Facts They Don’t Want You to Know but You Should

Diet Coke Facts They Don’t Want You to Know but You Should
Diet Coke Facts They Don’t Want You to Know but You Should

Fact 1- First, artificial sweeteners can cause headache

Diet coke may not have real sugar but it uses artificial ones like aspartame which is 200 times sweeter than refined sugar. Recent studies show this can give headache and other pain in the body.

Fact 2- It can cause you pimple breakout or acne

Do you have pimples that won’t just let go? Diet cokes have dehydrating effects on the skin making them dry and causing them to close and trap dirt inside the pores. It contains caffeine which is good for keeping you awake but it is also diuretic. It can make you pee more and reduce the water in your body. The secret to fresh and smooth skin is plenty of water.

Fact 3- Diet coke is linked to kidney, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease

Studies show that regular intake of diet sodas can cause kidney stones and other kidney-related problems. This can be traced to the high phosphoric acid content of the soda. This acid also damages your teeth. Diet coke is still sweet which can make you crave to eat more sweets.

Fact 4- It can make your bones weaker

A study in 2006 showed that those women who consume diet soda on a regular basis have lower mineral bone density than those who don’t. Weak bones can lead to fracture and osteoporosis.

Diet Coke Fact 5- It tricks your tongue and sense of taste

A study about sucralose consumption (a type of artificial sweetener) shows its effects on the amygdala. It is the part of the brain where our eating process happens. Sucralose can affect our eating behavior. This potentially leads to overeating.

Fact 6- It can damage your gut

Our gut has natural good bacteria responsible for digestion and immune system. However, research published in Nature journal shows aspartame affects the enzymes in the gut. This causes an imbalance in blood sugar making you prone to type 2 diabetes.

Diet Coke Facts- The Other Side of Story

The information discussed above reflects the negative effects of this diet soda in our body. However, it still has some health effects which are noteworthy:

  1. Probably reduce fatty liver- This is observed to some but not in all diet coke drinkers.
  2. No links to cancer so far- As of today, there is no strong evidence of sweeteners causing carcinogens.
  3. Osteoporosis in women but not in men.
  4. It does not increase heartburn or acid reflux.

In conclusion, Diet Coke is still not a natural beverage that you want to be in your diet to lose weight. It is still best to stick to water and natural fruit juices

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