8 Potential Dangers Of Crash Diets

Crash Diet 8 Dangers You Should Know

Many diets fad had come and go but not the crash diet. Millions of people are struggling every day to lose weight. With all the pressure to look good especially in social media and cyber bullying, more and more people want to get a shortcut to be sexy, but not healthy. If you are thinking of going to the crash diet or you are already doing it, take note of these harmful effects of crash diet you are at risk for.

Crash Diet Dangers You Should Know
Crash Diet Dangers You Should Know

1. You’ll damage your metabolism.

And as a result, crash diet slows down weight loss in the long run. When eat too little calories, your brain perceives that you are on a hunger strike or starvation mode. This situation is the same with when you are trapped in an island with no food. So to survive, your body will conserve as much energy by not burning your fats. That’s totally counterproductive.

 2. Your muscles will be burned.

When your body has too low calories to burn for you to have energy, it will take some from you muscles, lean muscles to be specific. You need your muscles to support your body and bones.

3. Crash diet weakens the immune system.

If you totally remove fats in a crash diet, you’ll be deprived of the vitamins and minerals which boost your immune system. Vitamins such as A,D,E, and K are soluble in healthy fats. Having a weak immune system can lead to more serious illnesses.  

4. You’ll be hungry all day.

Who wouldn’t be hungry if you just ate an orange or shake for breakfast? Crash diet puts you to starvation mode and increases the hormone ghrelin. It is the hormone responsible for appetite. You could just end up eating quarter pounder and pizza by dinner.

5. You’ll be moody and get easily irritated.

A hungry man is an angry man indeed. Crash diet can release corticosterone which makes you vulnerable to stress, depression and irritation. Your sleep pattern and concentration will also be disturbed

6. Your skin will dry and you’ll het hair damage.

One common observation among people on a crash diet is that they look pale and dry. They lose the glow they used to have. This is because you lack the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. You can also experience an acne breakout. Dry skin is also a side effect of dehydration from crash dieting.

7. Your bowel movement will change.

You either have Lose Bowel Movement (LBM) or constipation. Most crash diet menus are linear or not balanced. A diet with only high fiber foods can give you LBM while no carbs can make your stool difficult to pass.

8. You can damage your internal organs.

A low-carb diet can make your fatty acids into ketones which are related to keto diet. Too much ketones may result to liver and kidney problems. It can also trigger heart attack.

Crash diet maybe required by doctors if one has to prepare for operation or other short-term preparations. But if you are looking for long-term goal of keeping normal weight, crash dieting is not an option.

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