Basic Knife Skills- A Mini Guide

Basic Knife Skills- A Mini Guide

It is vital to learn basic knife skills if you love cooking. The essential knife skills are the foundation of a good cook. The knives are useful to cut all ingredients for cooking. It is the very first skill which is imparted in cooking schools. Let us explore the knife skills essential to be a pro in the kitchen. 

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Basic Knife Skills- A Mini Guide

Knife Basic Skills 

These are the necessary skills you should know about the usage pf a knife. 

Holding A Knife

One needs to keep the knife well to get a firm grip for stabilizing the ingredients which are being cut to maximize efficiency as well as safety of the cook. 

Griping Technique 

It is essential to have a good grip on the knife. The most efficient way to hold a knife is to wrap the palms around the handles of the knife while the index finger and thumb finger grips the top of the blade. 

The Helping Hand With Knife Usage 

The ideal position that the helping hand should have is known as the bear claw. The fingertips need to be curled under, and the knuckles have to press down on the ingredients that you are working with to cut to prevent it from sliding and rolling. 

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Basic Knife Skills- A Mini Guide

Some Tips To Have A Firm And Right Grip 

  • The best way to grip the knife and work with it is: 
  • It would help if you relaxed the hands and wrist while you hold the knife for cutting 
  • The hand should hold the handle and blade as well for perfect cutting 
  • Move the knife in the rocking position and up and down as well. 

Chopping The ingredients 

Most people hate cooking because chopping ingredients like garlic or carrots take long hours and makes the entire dish come out drudgery. Hence, it is essential to become efficient with knife skills which will be helpful. 

Chopping Garlic

To chop the cloves of garlic, you should place the unpeeled cloves on a chopping board. After that place the blade on the knife flat against the side which should be parallel to the choking surface. Using swift motion, you should strike the knife blade to smash the cloves. After that, remove the skin of garlic and repeat the process with each clove. 

Chopping Parsley 

The chef’s knife is useful to chop leafy herbs like parsley. You should start the cutting process by holding the bunch of leaves on the cutting surface and run the knife blades through then at an angle of 45 degrees trimming the leaves into piles. Remember to discard the stems. After that gather all leaves to your palm and pile them then chip them at 90 degrees. For mincing, you need to repeat it three to four times.  

Chopping A Carrot

To cut the carrots, you need to cut the carrots crosswise into pieces of equal length. Place the pieces side down the chopping blade and slice then into half-moons. After that use rocking motion to dice the carrots. 

Kitchen Chef Knife

Kitchen Chef Knife

If you are looking for a smooth gliding perfect knife, cut your food with the manganese clad steel knife. It is 7 inches long ideal to cut al ingredients. The handle is made of wood, and the blades are pure steel. It is an eco-friendly and comfortable cutting knife. It is not only apt for home cooking but a perfect for professional chefs too.

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