Beef Stir Fry: How To Make The Perfect One

Beef Stir Fry: How To Make The Perfect One

In today’s world of increasing competition, we hardly have time to take proper care of our health. Moreover, changing food patterns also take a severe toll on our life. In addition to this, the increasing trend of fast food also exerts pressure on us that leads to many negative outcomes. In light of such a situation, we need to follow a healthy diet. However, due to lack of time, we fail to prepare proper meals for us. But there exist many comfort foods that we can easily make at the comforts of our own house. The beef stir fry is one such recipe that you can easily try at home.

Beef Stir Fry: How To Make The Perfect One
Beef Stir Fry: How To Make The Perfect One

Moreover, it also takes very less preparation time as well. Additionally, it also contains fewer calories as well, which provides us with good health. Therefore if you are a professional and hardly have any time for preparing the meals to opt for this stir fry recipe. Let us have a look at the ways to prepare this stir fry recipe with beef. 

Ingredients Required For The Stir Fry Recipe With Beef 

This stir fry recipe with beef is one of the easiest and healthiest foods that you can try. Moreover, it also requires less preparation time, as well. You will need the below-listed ingredients for the stir fry recipe with beef. 

› One tablespoon of olive oil 

› 250 grams of beef cut into small strips or pieces

› One cm of fresh ginger grated properly

› One red bell pepper cut into small pieces

› Two medium-sized yellow bell peppers chopped into small pieces 

› One large-sized capsicum diced into small cubes

› One and a half teaspoon of tamarind sauce 

› One bunch of pak choi chopped into fine pieces

› One teaspoon of black pepper powder or as per our taste

› One teaspoon of sea salt or as per your taste

› Two cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped into small pieces

› One tablespoon of Chinese five spices 

› Six button mushrooms cleaned and chopped into small pieces 

Beef Stir Fry: How To Make The Perfect One
Beef Stir Fry: How To Make The Perfect One

Ways To Prepare

You can easily prepare this stir fry with beef with the above-listed ingredients. However, to get the perfect taste, you need to follow all the steps carefully. 

› You first need to clean the beef properly and then cut into thin strips. Now in a clean bowl, take two tablespoons of olive oil and add the beef pieces to it. Stir it for around two minutes over medium heat. Now heat the reaming olive oil and sauté the capsicums and bell pepper. However, you must ensure that the vegetables have become soft and juicy. 

› Now in another bowl take the button mushrooms and clean them in warm water. Drain the excess water and chop into small pieces. Moreover, you must also add a bit of salt while boiling the mushrooms. 

› Now add the pak choi, ginger to the mixture and stir properly. Cook all the ingredients properly for around five minutes. Serve your stir fry recipe with beef with freshly chopped coriander leaves. 

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