Best Hip Flexor Stretches And Strengthening Moves


Hip flexors are hardworking muscles considered to play an essential role in improving foundational movements like standing, running, walking, and sitting. These muscles work in the form of a bridge between the lower body and the torso. The tight and weak muscles within this group can result in uncomfortable pain. Nevertheless, you have the option of practicing some of the best hip flexors stretches for doing away with tight and weak muscles.

Go through the details of each stretch below:

Best Hip Flexor Stretches And Strengthening Moves
Best Hip Flexor Stretches And Strengthening Moves

Best Hip Flexor Stretches: Kneeling

For this, you will have to get into a lunge position and have your right foot forward. Place your right knee on your right ankle while your left knee remains on the surface. Now bring both your hands above your right knee while maintaining a perfectly straight spine.

In this position, try moving forward slightly with your right knee. Now, squeeze the glute muscles while breathing into your left hip flexors. Keep switching sides for comfort.

Best Hip Flexor Stretches: Supine Stretch

It is quite similar like practicing the popular Thomas Test. You should start the stretch by lying in a supine position. This means lying on the back with the legs extended on the floor. Now pull your right knee into the chest while keeping the left leg, hips, and back on the ground.

Standing Or Quad Stretch

Practicing this workout requires you to stand tall. Your hips should be in a square position. You need to bend the right knee while bringing the foot towards the bum. Use your right hand for grabbing your right foot. Now pull your foot closer to the glutes actively.

While practicing in this position, send your right knee down to the floor and keep both your knees together. Next, squeeze the butt for promoting posterior pelvic bend and hold. Keep switching sides.

Reclined Bound-Angle Stretch

For practicing this stretch, you should lie on your back on the ground and bring your soles together so that they touch each other. Now, open up the knees and drop out the sides. Try breathing deeply for stretching the groin, inner things, and hips.

Best Hip Flexor Stretches – Piriformis Twist

The stretch works out the piriformis muscle within the hip flexor muscle group. For this stretch, you will have to sit down with both your legs extended in front. Now, try bending your right knee while placing your right foot on the surface.

Next, get your right hand back and hook the left elbow on the exterior of your right knee. While twisting towards your right-hand side, breathe deeply and keep the spine straight. Keep switching sides after every twenty seconds.

Important Tip: It works to hold all of these hip flexor stretches for either twenty seconds or ten deep breaths for getting the perfect results.

Best Hip Flexor Stretches And Strengthening Moves
Best Hip Flexor Stretches And Strengthening Moves

Strengthening Workouts

Many strengthening movements can also help you with tight and weak hip flexors. Adding exercises like a dead bug, ball pikes, and mountain climbers to your workout routine will give you strengthened hip flexors. Practice them extensively if you are a lot in cycling and running.

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