Best Weight Loss Exercise For Females

best weight loss exercise for females

You want a regimen that delivers maximal benefits while you work hard to stay fit and lose weight. Studies suggest that shorter practice is more beneficial for weight reduction.

According to the study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, running a treadmill will consume 25-39 percent more calories than making kettlebell swings with the same exertion.

1. Running

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Regardless of whether you like it or despise it, running is one of the easiest ways to lose calories—and it doesn’t need a treadmill. Lay your shoes down and hit the lane. Running intervals—speeding up and slowing the rate—helps you move easily for minutes and miles. Run in fartleks; in Swedish, that means speed play, any other street light or hydrant that you touch takes your pace, and after you cross, the next one slows down.

You won’t have much to adjust to if you are doing the same exercise week after week. Different speeds in a training session, make some quicker explosions, and mix the forms of runs. Variety is the secret to continuous adaptation, whether it’s slow and repetitive, comfortable, hard, or intervals.

2. Walking

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Walking is one of the safest weight loss exercises— and rightly so.

The start of practice without getting frustrated or having to buy equipment is comfortable and an easy way for beginners. This is also a less impactful practice, which means that the joints are not stressed.

According to Harvard Health, a 155-pound (70-kg) human is expected to burn approximately 167 calories at a moderate speed of 4 mph (6.4 km/h) for 30 minutes of wandering.

In a 12-week sample of 20 females with obesity, body fats and tail girths decrease by an average of 1,5 percent and 1,1 inches (2,8 cm), respectively, over 50–70 minutes 3 days per week.

Walking through your everyday routine is fast. Try going over your lunch break, stairs at work, and extra walks to bring more steps to your day.

To start, try walking 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes. The length or pace of your walks may be progressively increased as you get more fit.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a common training course that will help you to increase health and weight loss.

Even if cycling is done outside, several fitness centers and gyms have stationary bikes that allow you to ride when you are indoors.

Harvard Health reports a member of a stationary bike of approx. 155 pounds (70 kg) brushes at a moderate rate approx. 260 calories for each 30-minute bike ride, or a moderate rate of 12–13.9 miles per hour, or 298 calories per 30 minutes.

Studies find that cycling people had improved health overall on a daily basis, greater insulin sensitivity, and a lesser chance of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality compared with those who do not exercise on a regular basis.

Cycling is ideal for people from beginners to athletes at all fitness levels. It is also a non-weight, low-impact workout, meaning that the joints will not be stressed much.


Any fun walking, hunting, running, surfing, swimming, weight lifting, interval training, and pilates can be a good option for losing calories.

That said, several more workouts will also increase your attempts to lose weight.

Choosing an exercise you like best is critical. This means that you are more likely to be on it and see success in the long run.

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