Concrete Planter Mold Silicone Vase Maker

Concrete Planter Mold Silicone Vase Maker

In the present times, when the world is facing an environmental crisis, planting trees is the only option available for us. Due to the scarcity of land and places in our society, it is very difficult to do so. One way to fulfill the need is to plant saplings of flowers or other plants in our homes in concrete planter mold. This is the only option available to us to save our ecosystem and environment. The way global warming is affecting the plant is alarming. The temperatures are soaring high, winters are getting shorter, and many fauna and flora are on the verge of extension due to the climate change.

Planting saplings at homes is easy, cost-effective, and healthy. All you need is a planter mold. Put some soil into it and plant a seed or a sapling into it. You can have a number of such plants planted in your homes. Not only will it look beautiful, but will also give you a clean and purified air.

Concrete Planter Mold Silicone Vase Maker is one such option for planting plants in your homes. With these, you can make your own garden in your home. Moreover, you can customize your pots and decorate them with colored stones and pebbles. Also, these silicone mold vase maker can be used to keep candles so can be used as a candle stand.

Concrete Planter Mold Silicone Vase Maker
Concrete Planter Mold Silicone Vase Maker

Specification Of The Concrete Planter Mold

These are made of silicone material.

The size of these is: 7.8 cm (dia) X 8.9 cm (height)

Square: 8 cm (W) X 8.9 cm (Height)

It is very lightweight

The mold is soft and is easily foldable, making it easy to plant or remove the saplings.

This can also be used as a candle stand. You can keep it on tables or anywhere you like.

The Utility Of Silicone Mold Vase Maker

These are used for planting saplings for your home or your garden. They are a great decoration piece. You can choose the color and customize the shape of the mold according to your wishes. You can carve different designs and drawings on the surface of this mold. Since the material used in the making is Silicone, so it is very convenient to remove the plant from the frame since it is soft and foldable.

You can paint the walls of the mold and give a different color or texture, which matches the interiors of the room where you intend to keep it. You can put different pebbles and stones or beads to decorate the mold. If you are a do it yourself enthusiast, then this product is definitely for you.


This silicone mold vase maker is a great piece of decoration for your home. Go ahead and buy one for yourself. Decorate your house the way you want it. There is literally so much you can do with this silicone mold. It will not just be a decorative piece but will give you clean air to breathe. This will ensure your good health. So, don’t think much and order this silicone mold vase maker and decorate your abode.

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