Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device

Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device

Plantain is a crop belonging to a genus of Musa. Additionally, Bananas are also part of this genus. They ideally grow in Sub-Sahara Africa, is the maximum producer, Nigeria follows, noted tropical and sub-tropical areas. This cultivation of plantains in Nigeria is in the southern region of the country, because of agro-climate reason. Besides being a source of income for rural farmers, in like manner, these crops aid foreign currency earning vide exports. But, losses in post-production is there. Hence, the development of a plantain slicing device is required.

Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device
Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device

Benefits of Plantain Crop

The plantains are a rich source of dietary fibers and vitamins. Consequently, when mature bunches of plantains are a rich source of nutrients and has enormous economic values. The plantains contain a protective outer layer. The fleshy inner part gets eaten. The inner portions get cooked after subjecting them to plantain slicing device. Steaming, boiling, roasting, baking, frying is the multiple ways they get treated, they might get converted to plantain chips.

Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device
Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device

Post-Harvest Demerits Recorded

Not to mention because of the ripping of crop shell by plantain slicing device, it generates wastage. Sixty-four point nine percent forms of human-edible components. Likewise, eight percent goes for feeding animals. However, the overall global loss post-harvest in noted around eleven percent.

Plantain Chips A Unique Way Business Interest Have Thrived

Uniquely, the plantain forms a staple diet for many. Likewise, converting plantain to chips is economical and trendy. It’s worth has understood by a lot of business owners. Moreover, a considerable number of small scale business-man has entered the business. Hence, developing a plantain slicing device is quite

Why Use Of Plantain Slicing Device

If you are using plantain slicing devices, you can correctly size chips, by merely pushing through the machine. It was equally important, especially for the Nigerian storekeepers. The fast-food joints, supermarkets, etc., who preferred simple, budget-friendly, and easy means to fry thin slices, converting it to chips, packaging, and named “Ekpekere,” these favored fast food items for office and road workers in urban areas.

What Types Of Plantain Slicing Device Are Essential

Developing of plantain slicing devices, are majorly meant for fibrous and non-fibrous types. The tensile strength of the plantains guides the design of these devices. Similarly, high shear stress, tensile stress, and movement of the tool are for calculation purposes.

Plantain Slicing Device: The Machines Consist These Parts

The development of plantain slicing devices mainly needs consideration of parts

The Slicing Unit

  • The Frame
  • The electric motor
  • The bearings
  • The Cutting Disc Housing
  • The Cutting Disc Itself
  • The shaft

Slicers For Your Kitchen Use

So far, we have discussed commercial aspects of plantain slicer, but an Electric Food Slicer can smoothen kitchen functions. It will decrease your slicing endeavors of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Additionally, the presence of thickness adjustment plates suffices the efforts for fruits, veggies as well as meat.

Electric Food Slicers

These adjustable kitchen wares have security lock buttons to hold the subject in place. The blades are susceptible to have 275 turns/minute. Furthermore, these kitchen appliances have a voltage power of AC220-240V 50MHz 100W. Its brand name is SUSEETLIFE. The shipping location of this product is CHINA.

Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device
Development Of A Plantain Slicing Device

Bottom Line

Certainly, the development of plantain slicing devices is essential. This crop grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Their inner portion used as a staple food. Their usage as chips is more popular.