Diet Plan For Weight Loss- Tips To Follow

diet plan for weight loss

A healthy diet compliments a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating a good diet in our daily routine is very necessary for our physical and mental well-being. In a world where slim bodies are trending, why do we carry that extra stored fat that can cause serious health problems? A healthy diet plan for weight loss is all you need to include in your life to get amazing results and a body you will end up adoring.

Presenting you one of the best and researched diet plans for weight loss and tips you need to follow to view splendid results.

Diet Plan For Weight Loss:A Brief Overview


There are numerous healthy options you may switch to reduce your weight and remain in fine fettle.

1. Morning Breakfast Option To Lose Weight: A healthy and toothsome breakfast gives you immense energy to tackle all the obstacles in your path and keep your physique attractive. Certain options to consider are:

· A bowl of Oatmeal with frozen and fresh fruits.

· Tea with a little non-fat milk or soymilk (For those who cannot function without their morning cup of Tea).

· Egg white omelet with a bowl of fresh and frozen blueberries.

· Hot whole-grain cereal and blueberries.

· Orange-vanilla oatmeal (when you’re bored with regular Oatmeal)

Mid-Morning Breakfast or Snacks

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If you do not feel full and unsatisfied with breakfast, prefer eating these snacks to fill your belly (DO NOT OVER EAT).

· Veggie salsa tortilla (Go for fresh corn tortilla with grilled veggies)

· 2 tangerines or 1 Naval orange.

· A handful of grapes is a good option.

· Seasonal fruit of your choice like 1 cup diced watermelon.

· one snack bag of baby carrots

· Low sodium and veggie-rich corn soup.

Lunch: Diet Plan For Weight Loss

lunch should be fulfilling. You may prepare and eat the following recipes.

· Italian style white bean soup

· 1 or 2 cup greens with half or one cup of other veggies. Dress the whole meal with Balsamic Vinegar.

· Turkey sandwich with delicious mixed veggies salad.

· Fat-free vegetarian chilies with low sodium.

· Tuna sandwich with pineapple and carrot salad.

· Cream tomato soup.

Dinner: Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Try keeping the dinner light. You can choose to eat any of the given recipes:

· Soba noodles with cucumbers

· Quinoa or tofu

· Whole wheat bun with roasted red peppers.

Tips To Follow For Weight Loss:

1. Add healthy fats to your meals

2. Cut the sodium.

3. Add a lot of fiber-rich food as it keeps you full.

4. Sprinkle fresh herbs on your meal.

5. Try taking the food in small proportions to restrain yourself from eating extra calories

6. ALWAYS keep track of your calories.


Eating healthy food and maintaining your body doesn’t have to be boring. Add colors to your food, know your body goals, and you will reach there. Above mentioned diet plan is just a sample diet. You can change the meals according to your requirements and taste in food. All you need to do is remain consistent with your diet plan and have the patience for the results.

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