Easy Cardio Weight Loss Exercise To Aid Your Journey To Fitness

Cardio Weight Loss Exercise

Cardio is the traditional way of losing weight. It builds stamina and is beneficial for overall physical and mental well-being in the long run. Results may vary depending on the type of cardio weight loss exercise. Below are four such exercises that almost anybody can do. These exercises can be your initial steps towards developing an efficient workout plan.

Cycling – Easy Cardio Weight Loss Exercise

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With a stationary bike, you do not have to learn to balance. Besides, the risk of accidents is minimized. For optimal results, it is recommended to pedal at high speed for the first couple of minutes and then slow down. Repeating these intervals makes for great exercise. Do not scroll through your phone while pedaling as it may take away your focus. You can burn more than a thousand calories within an hour with vigorous cycling.


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Running is a great way to increase stamina and exercise the leg muscles, which are often stiff from sitting for long hours. Running can promote weight loss, but it is not ideal for building and maintaining muscles. The downside of running is that it may subject your body to a lot of damage and worsen injuries. When running on a treadmill, an inclination of 2-3% is the best way to replicate running outdoors. It is also easier on the knees. The number of calories burnt in an hour is slightly less than cycling, but running is a fun and easy cardio weight loss exercise regardless.

Make Use Of The Jumping Rope For A Quick Cardio Weight Loss Exercise

This cardio weight loss exercise is simple and does not require a gym membership. It burns about 500 calories in half an hour. Jumping rope also increases your foot speed. For most people, it is a little tough to jump rope for 30 minutes straight. It is advisable to jump rope at an intense speed for a whole minute and take a 20-30 second break. Repeating this a few times makes for a great addition to a workout regime. Improvement in shoulder strength and coordination are additional perks of jump roping. This simple exercise is a part of almost every boxer’s workout.


Using a rowing machine is a great way to achieve an athletic, v-cut frame. It is a low-stress workout compared to others but burns a lot of calories (about a thousand calories in an hour). Rowing makes use of both the upper and lower body. There are a couple of crucial points to remember while rowing. Do not allow your arms to take all the pressure. Use your whole body, including the legs. Row at high speed for about 250 meters and then rest for 1 minute. Repeat this for 20 minutes in your workout regime.


Many cardio exercises exert intense pressure on the body. Some of them require a little bit of learning. To start, choosing an easy workout can save a lot of time and give faster results. The above four exercises are simple enough for immediate incorporation into your daily workout regime.

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