Flat Stomach Workout Plan: 5 Exercises For Fitness Freaks!

Flat Stomach Workout Plan

Do your little black dress doesn’t fit you anymore? Are you tired of seeing your belly fat and want to do get rid of it? Well, losing belly fat is not difficult if you follow the right flat stomach workout plan. No matter whether you exercise at the gym or want a flat stomach from the comforts of home, these exercises are best to get a toned stomach.

Russian Twist

The Russian twist is one effective stomach exercise for people who think of getting a toned stomach. Do this exercise by sitting on the mat with your knees bent slightly and ankles on the floor. Lean backward such that your upper body point toward your knees. Hold a ball in your hands and twist on a side followed by another side. Keep twisting for a minute or so. Do 3 sets of Russian twists every day.

Flat Stomach Workout Plan At Home
Flat Stomach Workout Plan: 5 Exercises For Fitness Freaks!

Mountain Climbers

Incorporate mountain climbers into your flat stomach workout plan to get rid of belly fat. Do this exercise by placing the hands on the ground such that they are shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs back in a way such that the toes are pressed against the ground. Begin by moving one leg forward and extend the other one backward. You should feel as if you are escalating a mountain. Keep climbing and performing the desired number of repetitions.

Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is one of the easiest at-home exercises for a flat stomach. Perform these crunches by lying on the ground on your back. Keeping your palms on the back of your head, start lifting one leg and bring it toward the core. The elbow of your opposite hand should also come forward and meet the knee. Do the same with other leg and knee. Keep doing the crunches for a total of 11 repetitions on each side.  

Tip: You can also perform simple crunches instead of bicycle crunches. Do the simple crunches by starting from the same position. Exhale and lift your body from the ground and try to reach your folded knees. Inhale and bring your upper body down to the starting position.  

Flutter Kicks

To do flutter kicks, lie on the yoga mat on the back. Keep your palms under the hip. Make sure to keep core engaged before starting this exercise. Kick one leg up and stop above the ground. Quickly kick another leg up. Keep kicking the legs rapidly while keeping your lower back firmly on the mat. This exercise will help you to lose fat trapped in the lower abdomen region!

Tip: Make sure the legs hover just above the floor. Also, do not touch the legs with the ground while bringing them back. You can also do scissor legs workout for weight loss. This exercise is performed in the same way except for the fact that the legs point toward the ceiling every time they are kicked up.

Flat Stomach Workout Plan
Flat Stomach Workout Plan: 5 Exercises For Fitness Freaks!


This is an amazing exercise to ditch belly fat in no time. Do sit-ups by lying on your yoga mat such that your head faces the ceiling. Bend the legs while keeping your feet on the mat. Keep your palms behind the ears and bring your upper body up such that you reach your knees. Imagine suddenly coming forward to pick something. Exhale as your pull up your upper body. Then, bend your upper body to come to the original point. Make sure to inhale as you bring yourself on the ground.

Tip: Rest for 2-3 seconds as you lift up your upper body. Your feet can slightly rise in this process.

Carry out this flat stomach workout plan and get a flat belly in no time!

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