Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes

Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes

Food is something which is a need and a necessity for living. Breakfast bowl recipes are great to have. It is fuel for humans. The nutrition our body needs is only covered form it.  And tasty food is something which we all love to have. Our taste buds love the taste of some exquisite food. So, we all go to fancy hotels and love to taste some exotic and delicious food.

Also, the nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. which is essential for our body is taken for green leafy vegetables. One such dish, which is healthy as well as delicious, is Green Brekkie Bowl. This recipe is perfect for breakfast. This is something that will pamper your taste buds and also provide you with all the good nutrition your body needs for its overall development.

Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes
Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes

Health And Benefits- Breakfast Bowl Recipes

Green Brekkie Bowl is a recipe that has taste along with health as it made form spinach, mushroom, and zucchini. We all know how good spinach is for our health. Having it for your breakfast will fill you with all the energy you need to go on for your day. Moreover, green leafy vegetables are a must-have for good health. You need to have such vegetables to make your body healthy.

Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes

 If you think your breakfast is only limited to cereals, then you are mistaken. You can have Green Brekkie Bowl, which is a power-packed breakfast for you. It will provide you with all the things which will help you go on and on for the whole day.

The Contents For Green Brekkie Bowl

Half tablespoon olive oil

Half tablespoon ground paprika

Half tablespoon ground cumin

Half tablespoon ground turmeric

One by four tablespoon chili flakes

70 grams kale, hardy stems removed and leave shredded

Half courgette (zucchini) chopped

5 baby mushrooms, sliced

50 grams of raw spinach leaves

2 large free-range eggs


Half avocado(mashed)

Table salt

Black pepper

Method For Making Green Brekkie Bowl

Firstly, place a fry-pan on medium flame and add some olive oil to it. Also, add some spices, kale, and zucchini. Now, add mushroom to it and cook for five minutes. Lastly, add spinach to it and turn off the flame and stir it thoroughly.

Then, poach some eggs for the topping. For doing this, pour some cold water into a large bowl eight cm deep. Add some vinegar to the water. Now, bring the water to a boil and lower the flame. Now, crack eggs in a container.

Use a spoon and stir the water. Dip the eggs inside a water bowl. Cook the recipe for about two to three minutes for getting a soft yolk, or three to four minutes for a solid yolk, do as per your taste and requirement. Repeat the same procedure with the other eggs too.

Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes
Green Brekkie Bowl- Breakfast Bowl Recipes


Put some green vegetables into the large bowl and add the mashed avocado to it, and give it a topping of poached eggs. Give it a good seasoning with the salt and pepper and enjoy your Green Brekkie Bowl.

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