Foods To Eat While Dieting

Fat Loss Diet for Women

Have you tried all diet fads, exercises, and fat loss equipment out there but nothing have changed in your weight? If yes, then you will need this fat loss diet for women guide. Make these changes in your daily meals and you’ll see real results.

Fat Loss Diet for Women Food List

Easy Fat Loss Diet for Women
Easy Fat Loss Diet for Women

Avoid eating unhealthy foods

The saying you are what you eat is true. If you are consuming high calorie, low in vitamins and minerals foods, you’ll just gain weight but still undernourished. So it’s time to say no to processed foods and begin cooking your own food. Take a trip to the grocery and look away from fast food. Drink natural tea and bot milk tea. Choose water and natural fruit juice over soda, including diet coke.

Include chickpeas in your menu

Put chickpeas in your salad as a snack or soup. It is rich in fiber and protein. It can also boost your immune system and prevent bloating. Also, substitute chickpea flour to regular white flour for healthier treats.

Tuna and Salmon

These fishes are leading when it comes to weight loss foods. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3, and vitamin D. It also contains vitamin B6 which can improve your mood and manage your stress.

Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)

Berries are rich in pectin which is a soluble fiber that can make you feel full easier. It can also lower your blood sugar and cholesterol. Also, berries have low calories. For example, a cup of strawberries for dessert or quick snack is only 53 calories. Berries are full of nutrition and have no cholesterol. 

Dairy products for fat loss diet

Low-fat chocolate milk is a better choice if you’re looking for a drink after work-out. It has more protein than regular energy drinks and milk. It has also calcium good for the bones. Just choose the unsweetened one to avoid too much sugar. Another great dairy for weight loss is cottage cheese. An Appetite study showed it has the same benefits as eggs when it comes to nutrition. They are low in calories but high in protein, B vitamins, selenium, and phosphorus. And of course, Greek yogurt will always be included in the list. Choose the plain one and mix it with different nuts such as almonds and pistachios. You can also substitute it to high-calorie dips and cheese sauces. 

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits are best examples of nutritious citrus fruits to include in your fat loss diet. They are rich in vitamins C and minerals. Also, they are great source for soluble fibers (the skin and pulp especially) which can lower cholesterol and improves digestion. Citrus are best for the heart and brain.

Herbs and Spices

You don’t need high sodium and other artificial flavorings just to make your dish tasty. There are lots of herbs and spices to try like mint, black pepper, red pepper, oregano, cilantro, sage, tarragon, and rosemary. Most of all, you can actually grow them in your kitchen.   

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