Healthy Stomach Exercise Ideas

Reduce Stomach Exercise

Healthy living also includes taking care of your belly fat. Sadly, many people do not concern themselves with that. As a result, accumulated belly fat causes many medical problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, and so on. When belly fat or visceral fat accumulates between your organs like intestines and stomach, it produces toxins that hinder your organs’ proper functioning, and that puts you at risk of diseases.

It is essential to reduce the flab around your waist. To do that, you can engage in some stomach exercises. Although, at some point, you must be ready to reduce stomach exercise. In addition to exercising the stomach, you may also form a fiber-rich diet and restrict your sugar intake. In this article, we will go through some popular exercises that are good for your stomach.

V Ups

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This is a stomach exercise that involves stretching and lifting. The moves here form your body into a V shape. Check the following steps to work on this training exercise.

· Lay your back on the floor or your training mat.

· Extend your legs and fully stretch your arms out above your head.

· Lift both legs and both hands simultaneously toward one another. This will form your body into the “V” shape.

· Do it again after about 60 seconds. To make it easier. Lift just one leg at a time and alternate the sides.


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Here, you are mostly using your elbows and toes. You will lift your body and stay in a position that works your stomach. It is not as easy as you think. Here are the procedures.

· Start with your hands and knees to hold yourself facing the ground or training mat.

· Lower down, so your elbows are holding you up against the floor, with your shoulders directly placed underneath.

· Extend your legs out and allow them to come up on your toes to lift your body to form a straight line.

· Stay in a straight line by squeezing your abs, glutes, and legs. Ensure you do not sag down or let your hips lift up. Hold this position for about 60 seconds.

Bicycle Crunch

Picture yourself riding a bicycle. This stomach exercise requires strength and courage because it comes with a bit of pain as you work your stomach. Here’s how to do it.

· Lie on the ground or training mat. Extend one leg straight out, and the other leg bent with your knee as if coming toward your chest. The feet are not to touch the floor.

· Place your two hands on the back of your head.

· As if on a bicycle, alternate extending and bending your legs. As you do this, rotate the elbows you move to be opposite the bent knee. Focus on not resting your extended leg on the ground.

Reverse Crunch

This is similar to a bicycle crunch but a bit easy. Here’s how to do it.

· Lie on the floor and place your hands underneath your glutes. Bend your knees and hold up your feet above the ground, with your toes pointed. You should feel pressure on your stomach.

· In one wave, lower your legs toward your chest as your feet move toward the ceiling. This will lift your glutes off the floor. Repeat for about 60 seconds.

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