How Bad Is Diet Coke For Your Body?

Diet Coke

People nowadays prefer carbonated drinks as their regular drink: on lunch, break times or even night snacks. Diet Coke is one of the most patronized drink among them. But for the health-conscious, they prefer drinking diet coke thinking that it would be a better choice for them.

Inside the Diet Coke

Inside the Diet Coke
Inside the Diet Cokes

What is inside it? People are lured to choose this type of coke with a zero-calorie label thinking that it will help them reduce their calorie intake. It also makes them feel “in” with the healthy lifestyle trend. But little did they know that in every can or bottle of diet cokes that they enjoy contains carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium citrate, natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine.

Inside Your Favorite Diet Coke

  • Carbonated Water. Carbonated Water is good but having it mixed with the ingredients in a soda beverage makes it a lethal weapon for increasing calcium loss in the body.
  • Caramel Color. Sounds harmless and natural right? In fact, the caramel coloring in drinking sodas are not naturally obtained from caramel or anything like that and it also contains potentially cancerous ingredients!
  • Aspartame. You’re on a diet? Well, diet cokes is a lie. It contains aspartame which leads to more food consumption!

Acids and Flavors

The ingredients mentioned may or may not be that bad (or good) for your health. But combine these ingredients together, you will get the “chemical X” needed to destroy your health when taken in huge amounts: from seemingly harmless tooth decay to deadly cancers!

  • Phosphoric Acid. Naturally found inside the human body. Well, nothing’s bad with this one. That seems 1 point for our diet coke! Haha.
  • Potassium Citrate. Well, you’re drinking coke for a diet, right? You’ll surely lose weight because this ingredient will give you diarrhea!
  • Natural Flavor. They should have made everything natural and health-friendly for it. Well, it’s true. Natural flavor exists in your can of diet coke and it is derived from natural fruit juices.
  • Citric Acid. Want to erode your teeth? Citric acid will help!
  • Caffeine. Oh. Everyone loves caffeine, our natural mood-booster! Who would ever think that our soda drink contains one too?

How Much Diet Coke Should I Drink?

Some people would probably ask: “How much is too much?” It can’t be denied that despite the health risks imposed by drinking diet cokes and other kinds of sodas, people still love drinking them. Well, here’s the quote: let’s say you drink one can (355mL) a day three times a week. A few cans of a diet soda a week will not do them harm. But if you drink a few cans a day, it probably will.

Drink More Water

You might say as well, “I just can’t stop drinking my few cans of diet coke a day, is there any other way?” Well, drinking more water will do the trick. Water is a natural cleanser for our body. Taking more water than your diet coke will help ease the side effects of drinking it. Disciplining yourself with drinking more water should help you drink less diet cokes as your thirst will be quenched more with a glass of cold water than a can of diet coke.

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