These Foods And Exercises Can Help Reduce Body Fat

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How to lose fat is an easy question to answer. However, it is easier said than done. But here we give how to lose fat exercises and food you can try which burns fats.

How to Lose Fats Food and Exercise That Works
How to Lose Fat Food and Exercise That Works

Food List

Isn’t it ironic that you can lose fats by eating? These foods have amazing components which can actually speed up burning of your belly fats.

  • Banana– It is a fruit loaded with 422 grams of potassium. It can help your body to prevent sodium build up which causes excess water weight.
  • Avocado– It fights bloating and improves our body’s absorption of cancer-fighting elements found in tomato, carrots, and spinach. It boosts the HDL and lowers your bad cholesterol LDL.
  • Berries (raspberries, blueberries and strawberries)- Aside from it is a high-fiber yet low calorie fruit, it contains flavonoids which stimulates the production of adiponectin. It is the hormone which fuels fat burning. It also balances blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  
  • Yogurt (Greek)– If you’re looking for snack alternative, Greek yogurt (nonfat and plain) is the best choice. It is rich in protein and has lesser sugar. In a recent study, it was found out that this yogurt can reduce belly fat by 81%.
  • Green Tea– Green tea has fat burning stimulants components such as caffeine. It also has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which can improve your metabolism. Green tea is also popular as a great source of antioxidants.


You can do these simple yet effective exercises at the comforts of your home. You will not any need equipment to do them.

  • Crunches– It is one of the fastest fat burning exercise focused on your belly. For a beginner, do this three times a day, 10 times each repetition. Calories burned- 144 for 30 minutes of crunches.
  • Bicycle exercise– It is similar with crunches position and it is very simple. Just paddle in the air like you would do on a bike.
  •  Lunges– They are simple yet high intensity and can make you burn up to 257 calories in just 30 minutes.
  • Jogging– It is a cardio and aerobic exercise you can do almost anywhere. Studies also show it may be more effective in burning fats than weight lifting. Jogging for an hour consumes 693 calories.
  • Side to Side Bending– This is so easy. You just have to stand and bend your body sideways. It focuses on belly fat. Hold each ben for 15 seconds on three repetitions each side.

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid or limit drinking alcohol- yes we are talking about that beer belly.
  • Avoid trans fats- they are modified unsaturated fats found in margarine and other processed foods.
  • Manage your stress levels- When you’re stressed, you brain releases cortisol which increases your appetite or what we call stress eating.
  • Sleep more- Get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.
  • Include Apple Cider Vinegar in you how to lose fats diet- It has acetic acid which can help in reducing fats.

All of these tips on how to lose fat will not be effective if you will not fully commit to changing your mindset and lifestyle. If you need help, just leave a comment.

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