Keto Diet: The Key To A Sound And Healthy Body

Keto Diet: The Key To A Sound And Healthy Body

Essential nutrients you consume everyday, break down into macronutrients and micronutrients. The carbohydrates, protein, water, fats, etc come under the type of macronutrients; it includes, tvitamins and minerals. Macronutrients often include micronutrients in order to facilitate processes within the body. And, a balanced nutrition from every elements is offered by Keto Diet.


Keto Diet: The Key To A Sound And Healthy Body
Keto Diet: The Key To A Sound And Healthy Body

Protein is like the bricks and mortar which builds tissue in your body as every cell and tissue of the body consists of 20 to 60% of protein. Thus protein intake is the key to create magnificently elegant muscles. A great way to lose weight is to take in 2 grams of protein per each kilogram of body weight per day; this ensures a perfect body with rock tight strong muscles and thus an ideal body composition. Protein is often derived from plant and animal sources which are rich storehouses of the product like egg, milk, cheese, and mutton.


Carbohydrates fuel energy processes in the body. It gives you immediate energy whereas complex carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly and can be found mostly in vegetables, plants, and starchy refined foods. The abundance of carbohydrates stores energy for later in the form of body fat.

Carbohydrates transform into muscles and liver to fuel daily metabolic processes. A proper balance diet needs to serve carbohydrate for daily needs.

Keto Diet: The Key To A Sound And Healthy Body
Keto Diet: The Key To A Sound And Healthy Body


Fats have been viciously maligned without good cause for many years. But, they manage the entire energy production and storage. The body only utilizes the stored fat whenever carbohydrate (glycogen) content is unavailable in the required amount when the body is in the ketosis state, it will utilize stored fat for energy to fuel the metabolic processes. Fats are present in 2 forms, saturated fat derived from animal product and unsaturated fact obtained from plants. Fats are also used in cell and cholesterol development in the body. Vitamins are a major part of our nutrition and are mainly obtained from our diet, especially vegetable diet. Lacking in a certain vitamin will lead to various malnutrition problems and at times diseases like night blindness, various skin diseases, etc.

Losing Weight

So if you are trying to lose weight, you must know the fact that two-thirds of your weight is water, not fat! So you need to be consistent with your water intake if you wish to have a well-nourished body as decrease of water content below 40% of your body weight can lead to serious health problems and even death in acute condition. Find out how much water you need, be consistent with it and weigh yourself in the morning after ascending nature’s call to get the most accurate weight.

How Effective Is Water

Water is the key to all metabolic process. It keeps you hydrated, but don’t overdo it. By being consistent with your intake you will see the actual difference, like a slight tinge of color, but it will vary at day times. A golden thumb rule is to take in 2.5ml of water per kg of your body weight every hour, but check on your body and increase or decrease the water content if you sweat profusely.

Now as you know all parts of nutrition, you just need to find the right mix to get a perfect body. With a proper knowledge based on nutrition, you will not only be able to reap the benefits of your balanced diet but also have an urge to follow it as it is aptly said: “Perfect knowledge gives birth to perfect motivation and when you are well motivated, success is just a few meters away”.