Perform These Exercises Before Bed To Lose Weight

exercise before bed weight loss

If you are someone who can’t find time during the day to exercise, this bedtime workout will help you stay fit, flexible, and charming. You’ll go to bed feeling refreshed. You will sleep better, and your muscles will be nice and relaxed by morning. Just know about this low-impact workout. It’s easy to do.

You must start with a quick warmup which is needed even when doing simple and easy exercises.

Warmup –

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Arm circle and high knees

●Arm circle-

The clock will be set at 30 seconds. Start with doing an arm circle. Stand with your back straight, take your arms over your head as you lower them, make your palms face downward, and move them away from your chest as to your back. Breath in as your arms up and breath out as you lower them.

●High knees –

Set your stopwatch at 30 seconds. Stand tall on your feet and set your feet in an easy position. Pull up your right knee; your leg must be at a right angle. Now take up your other leg and keep switching at a good pace to ensure that you are bringing your knee-high enough you look like you are running in place while you bring your knees up high.

Main workout –

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Now you will start with the proper workout. Fix stopwatch at 60 seconds. Just try to make sit-ups with a wider leg and straight back position. It will be as good as you push your hips back and go as low as you can.

●Donkey kicks-

You’ll need to get down on the surface with the help of all four limbs. You can use a mat according to your convenience and protect your knees. The time period of 60 seconds will be enough. Turn Up your right leg behind you. Your leg should be present high enough that it’s along to the surface and forms a right angle. Your hands must be straightly under your shoulders. Keep switching legs and keep doing the same. Your back should be straight and not arched at all as your leg goes up.

●Squat and side crunch –

Stand up, put your hands behind your head and keep your arms wide open. Stand in a wide position with your toes facing out. Place your stopwatch at 60 seconds. Pull downward your body into a wide squat. Your legs should almost be at a right angle. As you stand up, lift your right leg and make your core to the right to meet your knee and elbow. Get back to the original squat position. Now do it the same on the other side and keep doing it. This move will directly hit on your abdominals and work on your oblique muscles.

●Plank ups-

Place your body down to the floor, get down into a plank position. Set your stopwatch at 60 seconds. Pull down your right forearm to the floor and then your left forearm. Do press up with your right hand and then your left to lift yourself into the previous position. Keep doing and do as much as your strength. Your hand should go where your elbow works. Keep your abs locked.

●Standing crossover toe-touches –

Stand with your feet wider than your hips. Set the watch at 60 seconds. Extend your arm to the sides. Turn your torso roundly to the right. With your left hand, touch the area in front of your right foot. Repeat the same on the other side.

A great part of this exercise is that it’s low-impact, so this exercise is safe if you have problems with your knees and if you live in an apartment, you don’t have to worry about waking up your neighbor at 10 p.m.


Quadricep Stretch And Rhomboid Stretch

●Quadricep stretch –

It’s necessary to take time to cool down after any exercise. Set your stopwatch at 30 seconds. Do a small quadriceps stretch, take your right foot up to your flutes, and hold it in place with your hand. And switch sides and set your clock at 30 seconds.

●Rhomboid Stretch –

The time will be set at 30 seconds. Place your right arm across your chest and use your left hand to pull your arm closer to your chest. Repeat the same with the other hand.


Whether you’re an early-rising bird and the first thing you do is to face the gym, or you prefer late night, you’ll be enhanced well. As the National sleep foundation says, people who exercise lightly see a 49% increase in sleep quality. So these exercises are perfect for losing belly and refreshing at night. You can do them while watching a late-night movie, song and can make an environment like a heaven of workout. With enjoyment, you’ll lose weight rapidly.

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