Personal Trainer Recommended Balance Fit Board For Core Training

Personal Trainer Recommended Balance Fit Board For Core Training

Personal trainer gives a lot of importance on core training and balance training. No matter if you are trying to get the world’s best body or simply wish to get into an attractive and healthy shape after shedding off the excess fat, a balance board can do wonders. The balance fit board is among the perfect balance fitness boards available right now and one that must be at your home gym. Once your personal trainer shows how to use it, you can easily carry on the routine without much supervision. All you will have to take care of is that of your posture while using the balance fit board. This one is certainly among the best qualities you will come across, and after having tested it myself, I feel that there is no better option that I can opt for.

Balance Fit Board Preferred By Personal Trainer

Personal trainer recommends this balance fit board as among the best ones in the market. The design is simple yet extremely finetuned so as not to harm the user in any way. One of the important things to see about any balance board is how well balanced the board itself is. There is a need to have the geometry almost perfect, or else, it will create further issues in the person using it. The balance fit board hits all the mark with these factors and provides necessary comfort while stressing the body enough to improve core strength and balance.


Material: High grade ABS

Weight Support: Up to 220 lbs.

Dimension: 60cm X 25cm X 8cm

Weight: 950gm

Color Variants: Green / Blue / Purple / Orange

What I liked About The Balance Fit Board (Pros)

  • The balance fit board is extremely simple and easy to use. It also has a perfect balance itself, and thus a highly recommended product by personal trainers.
  • The ABS material does not feel cheap at all. It is a high-quality material that never felt like it can’t take my weight. It is important to find a strong and sturdy board since balance training also involves standing on the board with the feet on either side and pointing forward. The board should not break under your weight. This board suggests that it can withstand 220 lbs. of weight and I found this to be good enough to do so.
  • The dimension is good for a full-grown person.
  • It is perfect for a home workout regime as well.
  • There are pressure points created on the board so that those standing bare feet will feel the pressure and that will soothe their nerve endings as well.

What I Did Not Like About The Balance Fit Board (Cons)

  • The pressure point creation is a nice idea, but if I am balancing on my hands, having these protrusions might not feel that great.


The personal trainer recommended balance fit board is an amazing addition to any person’s home gym equipment stock. It is easy to use and helps to create the perfect posture. This not just improves core strength, but also benefits the person over time in getting rid of pains related to bad posture.

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