Proper Meals: What To Eat After A Workout


Why Pay Attention To Meals?

More and more people are taking to bodybuilding and workouts regularly these days and going into gymming and exercising as full-time professional bodybuilders and trainers. While all of us are careful about our pre-workout meal, we should also plan what to eat after a workout very carefully.

Proper Meals: What To Eat After A Workout
Proper Meals: What To Eat After A Workout

The body goes through a lot of wear and tear when we workout. Therefore, just like it is essential to provide it with the right nutrients before we exercise, post-workout nutrition is also equally, if not more important. Muscles in the body store up glycogen, which is exhausted when we workout. Hence, post-workout meals should help the muscles refill their glycogen reserves. If you eat the right things after a workout, the body can store upon its fuel faster, therefore, making you feel less fatigued.

Be it tricep workouts or cardio or even simple breathing exercises, what to eat after a workout is crucial because it speeds up muscle recovery. Therefore, certain kinds of nutrients are a must in your post-workout meal.


They are supremely important because it helps in repairing muscles. Proteins act as building blocks. Your body puts them together and helps repair muscles, especially after intense workouts on specific parts of the body, like tricep workouts. Some great sources of protein for your body are eggs, chicken, greek yogurt, protein bars or protein shakes, cheese, salmon and tuna.


As mentioned above, your body’s glycogen reserves are considerably depleted when you exercise. Having carbs can again generate glycogen synthesis, and this helps quicker muscle recovery. Glycogen production speeds up when the body secretes insulin. Secretion of insulin happens faster if the body gets a combined meal of proteins and carbohydrates. If you are wondering what to eat after a workout that is rich in carbohydrates, you can try potatoes, rice, oatmeal, chocolate milk and so on.


Yes, you read that right. While fats are considered to be a big no when you are undergoing body training, it may not be a bad idea if you are wondering what to eat after a workout. While it is true that fat slows down digestion and as a result slows down nutrient absorption in the body, the benefits of the meal will still be retained. Fats immediately supply your body with some amount of energy and that can make you feel refreshed. It is, however, advisable to limit the fat content in your meal. Have avocado, or butter made from nuts to supply your body with fat post-workout.

What to eat after a workout is a tricky question, but there are some quick-fix meals that you can try after exercising. These include grilled chicken and roasted vegetables, sweet potato and salmon fish, peanuts and multigrain bread, peanut butter, bananas, oatmeal, avocado egg omelet, tuna fish salad, and so on. No matter what kind of workout it is, be it cardio or triceps workouts, eating right after exercising is of utmost importance, and therefore a post-workout meal is mandatory.

Proper Meals: What To Eat After A Workout
Proper Meals: What To Eat After A Workout
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