Sleep More If You Dream To Lose Weight


Do you know a foolproof plan to lose weight? Well, nobody knows it.  But do you know ‘sleep can help you reduce the weight?’ Well, a few people know this secret which you should know in the first place. Yes, this is true. You can shed extra kilos by just sleeping in the right amount.

You necessarily do not need to lie down the whole day to bring sleep. If you are sleeping for at least 8 hours a day, you pass the criteria to shed extra kilos while sleeping. 

Confused, are you? Follow this article to enter the world of wisdom. 

Sleep Helps In Regulating Your Diet

People who think that only exercise and a balanced diet can help them lose weight then they are wrong. If they aren’t taking enough sleep for the day, their ‘oh so balanced diet’ and ‘what a hectic gym routine’ are not going to help at all. It takes a total of 8 hours of sleep, a balanced diet, and a gym routine to work wonders.

See What research Says To Lose Weight

According to research performed by CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), sleep-deprived people were prone to get fatter by the time even when they follow strict dieting and a hectic gym routine. Whereas, people who slept for 8 hours a day and had a balanced diet with the optimum amount of hard work, stayed in shape and shed a few kilos. 

Sleep More If You Dream To Lose Weight
Sleep More If You Dream To Lose Weight

To know how sleep directly affects your behavior, you will have to perform an activity. You will have to stay awake for the whole night and sleep for only 2-3 hours. The rest is your observation!

When you wake up after 2-3 hours of inadequate sleep, you will feel tired and exhausted. Actually, when you slept for a few hours only, your body suffered; the metabolic activity went into haphazard. 

The Body Follows Circadian Rhythm To Lose Weight

Well, the body has a circadian rhythm of running the system superficially. It involves releasing glycogen and insulin during sleep. For the 5th night you stayed awake, the body’s system got confused. Your insulin release got wholly disrupted, and removal of fatty acids and lipids stopped. 

Now, the insulin (which had the task of fat cell removal during sleep) ended up aiding the fat cell storage and hence, making you obese and diabetic. 

Another Way Sleep Deprivation Affects The Ability To Lose Weight

For people who think that hunger is controlled by willpower – they are less informed. Ghrelin and Leptin are the two hormones that perform hunger control. But the fact is that both of them are produced in fat cells. 

The less Leptin your fat cells produce, the emptier your stomach feels. Similarly, the more ghrelin your fat cells produce, the hungrier you feel. Concluding that, as your fat cells stop working (due to disrupted insulin cycle), you end up eating more and taking up extra calories you desired. These extra calories will deck up and make you fat. 

Sleep More If You Dream To Lose Weight
Sleep More If You Dream To Lose Weight

So, sleeping less than 7 hours triggers your brain to depress Leptin and to increase the desire to eat. Therefore, sleep more and balance your weight!

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