Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight: True Or False


There has been an interesting debate about whether artificial sweeteners help you lose weight or not if they replace the sugar. Now it is seen in many studies that they can lead to weight loss if used as the substitute for sugar.

On the contrary, the Harvard School of Public Health report says that artificially sweetened drinks not only lead to weight gain but also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The reasons why artificial sugar intake does not help with weight loss are as follows.

Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight: True Or False
Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight: True Or False

Sugar And Inflammation

No solid reasons were found in artificial sugars to cause weight gain, but it might be due to its impact on gut bacteria. It prevents insulin from working on your body and allows sugar to pass in your blood easily, which prevents you from losing weight.

In 2014, the result of a study was published in the esteemed journal Nature. A group of Israeli scientists had an experiment on a group of healthy people who did not take artificial sweeteners. They were asked to consume an acceptable amount of sweeteners. They took saccharin, aspartame, and also sucralose.

 After one week, there was a sign of glucose intolerance that indicates the early step of type 2 diabetes in half of the volunteers. The researchers carried out a similar experiment on animals, and the result was also the same.

The gut bacteria react to the sweeteners and cause inflammation which in turn results in weight gain.

Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight – Insulin Response And Cravings

The standard western diet slows down insulin response gradually. And your body system gets tuned in it. Your body starts pumping out more insulin. It affects the natural insulin system of the body and leads to weight gain and diabetes.

Weak insulin response drives you to eat more and increases sugar cravings. The hungry cells send the signal to the brain to eat more sweet foods.

 But the basic rule for losing weight is to stay away from sugar tasting the food. If you follow any dietician, you will come to know that it is almost impossible to lose weight if you feel tempted towards food. There is no other way, but you have to free yourself from all kinds of weaknesses for sweets and sugar. Heavy intake of sweet-tasting food interferes with your decision of losing weight and prevents natural wellness.

Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight: True Or False
Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight: True Or False

Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight – Taste Receptors And Cravings

There is a better way to satisfy your taste buds for sweet intake. You can change your diet by allowing the natural sweetness of fresh foods.

In many studies of type 2 diabetes, you can see that it has weak sensitivity towards sweet taste which drives you to eat more. Again after the blood sugar level comes in a permissible range, you will feel cravings towards sweet taste. Subsequently, they have an urge for unprocessed natural sweet foods like apple or carrot.

So, throw out the artificial sweeteners and substitute it with natural, unprocessed foods. Your sweet tooth will slowly adapt it.

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