Teen Athlete Diet – What Parents Need to Know About Their Children Diet

Teen Athlete Diet

A teenage athlete is going to have a very different diet than a teenager who just started running. This article is geared toward that specific age group and the type of foods that they are eating.

The main goal of a teen athlete diet is to keep the body from breaking down and gaining weight. While many parents may not realize it, a child who is getting all of the nutrients they need is much less likely to become overweight or obese than a child whose daily calories are being eaten.

If you are a parent who is looking for ways to keep your teen athlete off the track and in shape then a teen athlete diet is what you are looking for. Here are some of the foods they should avoid eating.

Dairy Products

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These are not the same products as cow’s milk. There are some products out there that have high levels of hormones that can cause problems for kids. Some of these products include some types of cheese, ice cream, and even yogurt.


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Many teens are eating foods with very high levels of fats in them. While this may be good for them as teenagers, fats can cause a variety of health issues when they are older. These include heart disease and cancer. A diet is not as healthy if it is not balanced.


Most people associate carbohydrates with soda and fast food. While it is true that most people are eating too many carbohydrates, some of them are having to eat them in unhealthy ways. For example, many teens are eating a lot of potatoes, which are high in starch.


Most parents are not aware of how much fat is in these types of foods. They do not realize that they are not getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Eating a balanced diet that includes healthy foods with the right types of fats and carbs will help to make your teen athlete healthier. They will also be getting enough protein, which helps them build muscle and maintain their stamina.

The above-mentioned foods are the ones that you should avoid on a teen athlete diet. You may be surprised at how easy it is to make your child eat these kinds of foods more often. Your little one does not have to be in the hospital or on a shelf waiting to get well. With some creativity, they can start enjoying these foods right away.

Additional Food Options

You can give them peanut butter with apples instead of potato chips every once in a while. If they want to have a snack of peanut butter sandwiches, then they can have that. You can also put peanut butter on their fries.

You can have your child eat their favorite ice cream instead of the traditional ice cream that you usually see. You may have to mix up the flavors a little bit, but it will help them to enjoy the taste of the ice cream more.

If your child is fond of candy, then you can add some of the candy to their regular foods as well. If they do not like candy, you can still give them sugarless gum or candies instead. If you are giving them drinks, you can give them sodas or soft drinks instead of those full-calorie sodas that everyone is drinking. It is still going to help them lose weight.


It may take a little bit of creativity, but your child will love to eat what you have given them. Even if they do not enjoy them at first, the fact is they will still be doing something positive for them and their body.

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