The Benefits of Soft Diet Foods

soft diet foods

A physical sweet and tasty diet or simply soft diet is a strict diet which includes only edible foods which are easily chewed, for the purpose of eliminating or minimizing the need to chew your food. There is a vast variety of the types of soft diet foods available today. But to start with, let us understand what a soft diet is all about.

Soft Diet Food Benefits

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A soft diet consists of fresh vegetables, either fresh from the garden or frozen, mashed or juiced. A good example of a soft diet food is fresh organic peaches or organic nectarines with a hint of cream or milk added. These are easily digested and the moment you chew on them you immediately feel satiated. You can also opt for stewed, raw or boiled vegetables which come in large chunks.

The main advantage of having a soft diet is that you will feel full much faster since there will be no need for food to digest before digestion takes place. This helps in a healthy way to reduce weight. This works well for those who have problems controlling their appetite and feel hungry quickly. You will feel fuller much earlier in the day as well, so you will not feel tempted to snack at unwise times and end up snacking on something unwisely.

Along with consuming soft foods you should avoid salty and spicy foods. Avoid very oily or fatty food. Soft drinks, cordial and coffee are generally good examples of creamy and soft foods. For a change, try to incorporate some fruits and green vegetables into your diet, especially raw fruits and vegetables or lightly steamed green vegetables. Include sea foods as well such as seaweed.

The main advantages of a diet include weight loss and preventing diseases. The body gets plenty of nutrients by eating well-cooked vegetables and fruits. Your body also gets plenty of minerals and fiber by consuming lightly cooked fruits and vegetables. A well-cooked meat is also nutritious and thus a good addition to a soft diet.

The best thing about these soft diet foods is that you get lots of variety. You can eat meat, fish, and shellfish with lightly steamed vegetables and salad. You can also include fresh fruits and cold cereals in the morning. Mashed or stewed vegetables mixed with steamed, cooked vegetables or cold meat are good options. This can include any of the vegetables mentioned above or even any of the ones mentioned under cold cereals.

Some other good vegetables for a diet include peas, beans, spinach, carrots, lettuce and potatoes. Cold cereals are also good options for persons on a diet as they help in losing weight because of their low carbohydrate content. Some of the cold cereals contain high quality protein, which is needed to burn fat.

Hard-boiled eggs are very nutritious and good for you. Cottage cheese is another very good food item to have on a daily basis. It helps to balance cholesterol levels in the blood. Some people prefer to eat a bowl of oatmeal with fresh vegetables every day. You could try having sweet potatoes or baked sweet potato wedges as a part of your breakfast. Soft cheeses such as cottage cheese also are very good for a soft diet.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should try and avoid some of the high fat foods mentioned above. Mashed cauliflower, raw potato, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, artichokes, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots are excellent soft foods to have. Try to avoid dairy foods as much as possible. Milk products should be avoided as well because milk contains lactose. Try to have a variety of different types of foods for your health.

Have you ever noticed that certain fruits and vegetables just seem to taste better when they are chewed more? When we eat hard foods, our brains are forced to take in more of the tastes so that we are able to get used to them. This makes it difficult to swallow soft food. For example, if you had a piece of fruit that was easier to chew, you probably would not want to chew on something else that was harder. The same principle goes for vegetables and fruits.

End Note

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There is a new type of diet called the mechanical soft diet. Some people claim that it is far better than the low-cal diet and is really enjoying eating vegetables and fruits again. So what are some of the benefits of a mechanical soft diet? As you might already know, the traditional low-cal diet is very restrictive and will cause one to crave eating more foods that are higher in calories. With a mechanical plan, you get to eat all the vegetables and fruits that you want, without having to count how many calories they contain. That is definitely a plus!

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