The Best Exercise To Flatten Stomach Fat

best exercise to flatten stomach

If you want to know the answer to “what is the best exercise to flatten stomach?” then read this article. Specifically I will discuss what are your abdominal muscles and how it can be beneficial to work them out. There are two types of muscles that are found in the abdomen-the rectus abdominis and the internal oblique. The focus of this article is on the second type of muscle.

An Overview

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The internal oblique sits behind the diaphragm and attaches directly to the upper torso hip bone. As a muscle it originates from the gluteal muscles and originates on the outer side of the pelvis. Due to its location it is a very difficult muscle to train and tone. It is also structurally weak, which makes it unable to respond to traditional strength training exercises.

This muscle is composed of four different heads which are the transverse abdominis, the rectus abdominis, the internal or outer trapezius and the rhomboid. All of these muscles sit on top of each other. Now the abdominals are vital to our body posture but what makes them so important is that they allow us to sit up straight, maintain good body balance and even sit in a semi-reclining position. The problem is that most people have a wide base of abdominal fat around the abdominal wall which blocks these muscles from being able to function optimally. This weakens the body’s ability to burn energy and lose weight.

Exercises To Burn Your Stomach Fat

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The best exercise to flatten stomach fat is exercise that concentrates on these muscles. In general, sit ups are not considered to be one of these exercises. The main problem with sit ups is that they are difficult to perform, very time consuming and can often result in a rather painful back. The solution to this problem is to perform the Russian Twist by elevating your feet onto a chair.

Next you want to move your legs up into the air and lean back until your chest is level with your shoulders. At this point you want to tighten your lower abdomen. This is done by pulling your diaphragm up towards your chest. This should create a compression of your lower abdomen, which will make you feel the burn as you inhale and exhale. Try not to breathe too long though as you want to be able to get the blood flowing.

Another great exercise to flatten stomach fat is to lie flat on your back and hold your hands at your sides, just outside your hips. Now lift your body up off the ground a few inches and repeat the motion for five times. As you are doing this you want to squeeze your pelvic muscles and increase the pressure in your abdomen. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, it is important to remember that this is needed to help increase your metabolism.

If you are looking for the best exercise to flatten stomach fat then you have found it. It is the plank exercise. You will need to find a good place that is comfortable to sit. Once you have chosen a good place, lay flat on your back and place your hands directly under your knees. Now begin to plank by using all your might, lifting your lower back up as high as possible. Repeat this fifteen times.

In The End

So now you know the best exercise to flatten stomach fat. It is important to continue to do this every day until results are achieved. As stated before, it is not something that you can just do once a week. You should do this every single day and if it is not comfortable, then at least do it two or three times daily. You also want to make sure that you are eating the right foods and that you are getting enough sleep.

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