The Truth About Keto Diet Weight Loss

keto diet weight loss

There are many different diets out there. Some are healthy, some are not, and some people have success on one type of diet or the other. However, if you are serious about your long-term health, weight loss, and even losing a few pounds, then you need to be more careful than normal about the type of diet you use. Some people are just not able to stick with them for any length of time. If a long-term diet, month-long diet, or even a cleanse is not the solution, what should you try to give you a general answer to the question of which diet is best for keto diet weight loss?

By using your “rational mind”, you can make sure that you are sticking to the diet long-term, in spite of everything else going on around you. This is because, unlike most diets, when you go keto, you are cheating your body with calories and fat, so in a sense, your body knows that there are less calories available. Because of this, your metabolism has to work harder to burn up calories and fats more efficiently, resulting in long-lasting weight loss on average

Intermittent Fasting

To this end, if your goal is fast weight loss, you will probably want to combine short-term fasting with a long-term diet. For the most rapid ketone production, and lean tissue loss, you will probably benefit the most by combining intermittent fasting with your diet plan. Intermittent fasting is defined as “intermittent feeding of a liquid meal” where you do not eat your regular meal for a certain amount of time within a day.

With intermittent fasting, your metabolism does not have to work as hard. That means it can go into “starvation mode,” or hibernation mode, and cause your body to slow down its metabolic rate. This is why it is good for people who want to lose a significant amount of weight quickly, without having to make adjustments to their diet. The trick is to make intermittent eating more of a part of your daily routine rather than a strict “once a day” affair. Once you get into a consistent daily routine of eating your meals at predetermined times, you will begin to see some long-term results.

Keto Diet Weight Loss-Ultimately Low Carb Diet

As an example, keto dieters should definitely avoid eating large amounts of carbohydrates. Carbs are the preferred source of energy for our bodies, and they provide the brain with a large amount of fuel. However, eating large amounts of carbs also stimulates the brain to produce an excessive amount of insulin levels. Our insulin levels are important for keeping our blood sugar levels balanced, and too much insulin can cause the brain to use glucose (a cheap sugar) as an energy source instead of fat. If you eat large amounts of carbs, you put yourself into a state where the brain thinks it needs fat as an energy source.

Moderate Amount Of Protein

Instead, you should consume small, frequent, high-quality carbohydrate sources that provide your body with long-lasting energy. For example, instead of eating 3 large hot dogs, eat a handful of hot dogs. This allows your body to burn off the excess fat-burning carbohydrates before reaching your carb limit. In addition, the moderate amount of protein you eat will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time, which can lead to longer, healthier, and more energy-burning calories. Although protein is typically associated with weight loss without harmful side effects, most protein sources (like whey) can have some health benefits and shouldn’t be eliminated from your diet completely.

Of course, eating large amounts of protein is great for building muscle and increasing metabolism, but it also has other health benefits that allow you to lose weight without feeling hungry. Many people who go on very low calorie diets experience several issues including depression and anxiety because they are not consuming enough calories to support their lifestyles. However, if you eat high-intensity proteins that provide your body with many calories per meal, you will be able to feel full for a longer period of time and can reduce your cravings for high-calorie foods. Some of the most popular protein sources include nuts, eggs, chicken, tuna, and cheese.


If you are looking for a diet that can help you reach your goals for permanent weight loss, then this plan is perfect. Although it may take a couple of weeks before you reach your desired weight, once you reach your goal you will be so satisfied that you won’t want to go back to your old eating habits. Most people report seeing dramatic weight loss after going on a Ketosis diet for about a week. With just a couple of simple changes, you can enjoy fast results that last!

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