The Weight Loss Diet Plan: 7-Days Diet Plan

The Weight Loss Diet Plan: 7-Days Diet Plan

The weight loss diet plan that the public may follow or are prescribed by the nutritionists show you how to lose weight because of the lesser consumption of calories than a normal person. However, it isn’t very likely for you or anybody else to aptly be the most fruitful way of doing away with extra pounds.

Each of our bodies is different, therefore, it is likely for people to experience a difference in their results. The most beneficial part of this new way towards life and nutrition is fruits and vegetables. Those are the most likely primary foods you may find under the header of any prescription for diet.

Fruits and vegetables prevent the gathering of fat in the body because they are low calorie and rich in fiber. It will keep you full and for a much longer period.

The Weight Loss Diet Plan: 7-Days Diet Plan
The Weight Loss Diet Plan: 7-Days Diet Plan

What To Eat And How To Eat?

You’ll not be deprived of any meals. You’ll have snacks twice a day and full-fledged meals thrice. Now, every dish you have will consist of a balance of nutrients, 45% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 25% healthy fats.

The drinking habits your diet sticks on are diets of less or no calories at all, like coffee and tea.

To power up your weight loss diet plan and to get into better and stronger shape, you should be doing a 60 minutes mild routined exercise more than thrice a week.

A General Schedule That You Should Follow

Day One – Weight Loss Diet Plan

You will consume fruits more than what you normally do. No maximum amount of fruit is specified. The weight loss diet plan somewhat forces you to eat melons. This is because melons provide your body with an immense amount of water, and thus, significantly contribute to loss of weight.

Day Two

Raw or cooked vegetables are to be served to you. The number of vegetables depends on the capacity of the person the respective diet is entitled to. Potatoes are to be strictly limited for only breakfast.

Day Three

Except for bananas and potatoes, you have to eat only fruits and vegetables. The number of fruits or vegetables you can have depends on you.

Day Four – Weight Loss Diet Plan

Today, you have only bananas and milk. You might have more than six large ones, but crossing eight may lead you to other problems. Glug! Glug! Goes glass number 3! The milk you drink will be more preferred if skimmed.

The Weight Loss Diet Plan: 7-Days Diet Plan
The Weight Loss Diet Plan: 7-Days Diet Plan

Day Five

Take meals with 20 ounces (260+ gram) portions of meat (any) or fish. You may add tomatoes with the meat. Now, for the vegetarians, you must replace cottage cheese or brown rice with meat.

On this day, your water intake has to be more than the other days do away with the extra uric acid. This is because, it chemically gets produced due to the breakdown of purines, resulting from the consumption of meat.

Day Six

Today, the intake of meat will be similar to the previous day, but today’s meal should include an unlimited amount of vegetables but without potatoes. Vegetarians may follow the same by substituting meat with cotton cheese and brown rice. Your water consumption must increase by two glasses.

Day Seven – Weight Loss Diet Plan

The last day will be brown rice, fruit juices, and vegetables. There’s no limit to the specified amount for either of these.

Finally! You have now finished the seven days plan, in which you have been on a diet of low carb and rich in protein. The strictly regulated diet you have is not so strict that you won’t be permitted to have any choices on your meals. You can have meats, fruits, and vegetables according to your own choice of taste and preference.

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