Try These Lower Stomach Exercise At Home

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Between your cage and pelvis, your abdominal muscles (abs). They help shape the heart of your body along with your back muscles. The center is designed to keep your backbone balanced and secure. Most traditional physical exercises — such as walking or running — depend on a hard heart.

Exercises to Help Lower Abs

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Without additional equipment, most lower ab exercises may be performed. 

1. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are working their whole body and heart. They are also a cardiovascular type, which means that as you do so they raise your heart rate.

Put yourself in a board seat to get started. This involves lifting your body and your arms off the ground (think of push-up position). Remember to slightly tuck up your body and your pelvis.

With both hands on their surface, the arms should be shoulder width apart. Behind you, feet together should stretch your legs.

Slowly raise the right knee back to the chest while in this position. Then, draw your left leg back and forth to your chin.

Get up and step easily to practice the rectus abdominis — a pair of muscles that stretch along your abdomen and build up the bulk of your abdominal muscle.

For best efficiency, you can replicate this practice many times. For beginners on either hand, the professionals suggest 15 to 20 reps.

2. Lying Leg Raises

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This training improves your lower abs but requires you not to stand up. Lay on your stomach, knees stretched out, legs lying together. Rest on each side of your body the palms of your hands.

Lift the legs gently together. Be sure they are on the field with better performance. Keep 1 to 2 seconds before all legs are returned to the surface. Do this with the best performance from 10 to 15 reps or more.

Do not allow your feet to hit the floor if you want to make the exercise more successful. And, don’t curve your back—if you do, this may lead to back issues. If you have a sore back, think about talking to the doctor before you launch this workout.

3. Crunches

When you think about lower ab drills, you think about snakes sometimes. These workouts are designed to target the upper abs and lower abs. They would probably not help you lose weight, though, because not a lot of calories are being burned. However, if you want to improve your abs, they are a decent starting point.

In order to make a regular crunch, lie with your knees bent and palms on your back on earth.

Let your shoulders off the earth slowly, tucking behind your head your weapons. Curl up your upper body and tighten your abdominal muscles when you rise. Down to the ground and lower. It’s representative.


Often individuals lack abdominal muscle training. It can lead to obesity, mismanagement, and deficiency in fitness. So to ensure that they remain strong, it is necessary to exercise your abs. Any of the traditional abdominal exercises are designed for your lower muscles.

Any new fitness program must be started slowly. Stop speaking to a doctor before starting if you experience sharp discomfort during the workout.

These movements are aimed at targeting key areas of the lower abs, strengthening them to improve posture.

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