Tummy Exercise Keeps You Slim And Healthy


A good diet and effective tummy exercise plan will keep you fit. You need to understand that exercise is important for overall health. Tummy exercises are only a part of the regimen. Look after your diet and plan a smart fitness program to keep fit. The area that bothers most people is the belly. The fat is stubborn around this area and needs special exercises to get rid of it.

Walking As A Tummy Exercise

Walking forms a part of cardio exercises. It burns calories and keeps you fit. It is an easy way to get rid of belly fat. Walking is low impact and safe for most people. Go for a diet plan that is low in calories and walk your way to a flat tummy.

Running As A Tummy Exercise

\Running has a higher impact on the body. It is quite hard on the knees and ankles but burns calories effectively. Running increases the metabolism and the heart rate. It is a good idea to start with a walking plan and slowly incorporate running in your tummy exercise plan.

Crunching Is A Good Tummy Exercise

Crunching is perhaps the most effective tummy exercise. You should lie flat on the mat. Try to bend your knees and while you put your feet on the floor. The hands should be clasped behind your head. The exercise involves lifting the upper body. Inhale deeply before you lift your torso and exhale when lifting yourself. Repeat multiple times. Start slow and increase the repetitions as your body gets used to the exercise. It is the best regimen to lose abdominal fat

Twist Crunches Help Reduce Love Handles

Twist crunches are an advanced variation of crunches. Once you have mastered the regular crunches you can try these belly fat busters. Take your position on the floor as in regular crunches. Lift your right shoulder towards your left knee with the left one on the ground. Repeat with the other side. These twist crunches pare down tummy fat and the love handles too.

Side Crunches Is The Next Step

This tummy exercise is perhaps the most effective. The trick is to lift the leg on the side that you lift the torso on simultaneously. This is fantastic for the fat on the sides. Start with about 10 repetitions each day and build to 30 over a month. This gives good results very fast.

Reverse Crunches Are The Best Tummy Exercise

All types of crunches are good abdominal toners. You can also try the reverse crunch. This is very good for women. It targets the stubborn belly fat in your lower abdomen and your core. It is simple once you master regular crunches. Lift your legs with knees bent and lift your torso at the same time while exhaling. Repeat this exercise for 10 times and increase gradually to 30 repetitions.

Tummy Exercise Keeps You Slim And Healthy
Tummy Exercise Keeps You Slim And Healthy

Vertical Leg Crunch As A variation

The vertical leg crunch is the most difficult variation. You need to lie flat and lift your legs upwards. Then cross one knee over the other. Try and bring the upper body towards the hips. These are difficult but once you are used to crunches they are doable.
The bicycle and the Rolling plank exercise along with the crunches are most effective too!

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