Victoria Secret Angels Diet Regime Disclosed (#4 Is Very Important To Lose Weight)

Victoria’s Secret is an American lingerie, beauty, and clothing brand. It is very popular and its ‘angels’ are very reputed for their dream body shape.

What To Eat

A close up of a plate of food on a table

The models’ diet is high in good fats and protein, low in carbs, and limited to 1,300 calories a day. The Angels have instructions to eat lean chicken, beef, or fish with every meal or the equivalent in eggs. Sugar is not allowed and the models have to eat two servings of fat per meal. A tablespoon of butter or oil counts as one serving, similarly to a third of an avocado. Following a low carb diet pushes the body into a state of ketosis, that burns fat to produce energy. The models can, at times, have a half cup of lentils or chickpeas or some brown rice, sweet potato, or quinoa.


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