Weight Gain Diet: Safe Tips To Gain Weight

Weight Gain Diet

Weight Gain Diet is for people who are considered underweight. People who are too thin have the same struggles with those who are overweight. It is hard to find clothes that fit or they even shop at the kids section. They also get bullied and called names like stick or even judged as bulimic. If you are one those gifted with too fast metabolism but want to be fit and healthy, this weight gain diet plan is for you.  

Who needs weight gain diet?

You are considered underweight if your body max index (BMI) is below 18.5. Just like with overweight, underweight is also medically considered as malnourished and unhealthy. However, the BMI does not account for muscles so it is not totally conclusive to say that low BMI means you are not fit. You can compute your BMI to know if you are underweight. In the US, there are more skinny women (2.4%) than men (1%) for ages 20 and above.

Being an underweight has also health risks just like if you are overweight. According to studies, underweight is actually more dangerous than being obese (104% risk for men and 100% among women). Other health issues caused by being underweight are weak immune system, higher risk to infection, bone problem such as osteoporosis and fracture. It can also cause infertility, dementia, and sarcopenia.

3 Ways How to Gain Weight Naturally

Tips for Weight Gain
Tips for Weight Gain

1. Increase you calorie intake, but only the healthy ones.

Don’t go carbs and calorie spree because you might gain weight but still unhealthy. This does not mean you would feast on donuts, soda, saturated fats, and junk foods. You should calculate the additional calories you need first. There are free calorie calculators online. To begin weight gain diet safely and slowly, add around 300-500 calories. But if you can’t wait, add about 700-1,000 calories for fast gain weight.

2. Load yourself with protein.

Protein is one the key nutrients for weight gain. It builds your muscle from your body fat. Just be careful because you may fell full easier with proteins and therefore makes you eat fewer calories. The ideal amount of protein to gain weight is 0.7 to 1 gram per pound.  Weight gain foods list which are protein-rich include lean meat, poultry, fish, legumes, nuts, and other dairy products.   

3. Eat foods that improves appetite.

You can be skinny because you don’t like to eat or you have low appetite. There are practical ways to increase your eating habits like changing the color of your plate to red and yellow (makes you feel hungry) and play soft music while eating. Another tip is having someone dine with you. Tendency is you eat more when you are allotting time to eat. Then don’t drink while eating (unless you are choking) because water can make you fell full easily. Now if you have problem with taste, play with seasonings and herbs to enhance food’s flavor.

4. Do some weight lifting.

This will not only transform your fats into muscles but it will also increase your strength. Try to do weight lifting at least once a week.

If in case the weight gain diet does not work for you, we advise that you go to a doctor for there might be underlying causes why you can’t increase your weight.

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