3 Simple Tips To Help You Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight Tips

How to lose weight? You have probably asked about this and heard these somewhat convincing answers: diet, exercise, fasting, food supplements – everything that claims to help you lose weight. Now, here are the three healthy ways on how to lose weight especially for this busy generation.

How To Lose Weight Tips
How To Lose Weight Tips Tips

Weight loss tips: Start Your Breakfast Right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say. And of course, it is true. Breakfast literally means to break from our eight-hour fasting during sleep, so we better be mindful of what we will be eating for breakfast. If you are looking for the way on how to lose weight, protein for breakfast is the key. Better start your breakfast with a good choice of protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts, beans, sardines, oats, porridge, etc. This is because protein regulates the appetite hormones which makes people feel full even by just eating little. So, if you want to regulate your eating for the whole day, start it with your breakfast with protein – and you’ll surely eat less as the effect on protein in regulating your hunger hormone lasts for several hours. Less hunger, more muscles!

Make Your Snacks Right

As choosing the right meals are important, and so for choosing the right snacks. We have mentioned earlier that protein controls our appetite in a good way. Sugar does too, but in a bad way. Whenever you eat something that contains too much sugar like most sweets, pastries, beverages, etc., the brain gets rewarded in an abnormal way where it seeks for more sugary foods. Foods that contain sugar are easily digested by the body and converted to glucose rapidly. And when glucose levels are above the normal level, excess glucose enters the blood and triggers the insulin hormone which then stores fat leading to weight gain. So, if you are serious about cutting off your pounds, better lessen or stay away as much as possible from those deadly sweet foods. You can try healthier options like wheat-rich bread instead of white pasta, fruits and nuts instead of sweets, herb teas or fruit-infused water instead of soda drinks, or smoothies with water or milk instead of processed fruit juices. Less sugar for healthier snack time!

How to Lose Weight Tips-End with A Good Night

Failure to have a good and healthy sleep leads to slowing down your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is the body’s ability to convert calories into energy. The body’s failure to convert calories into energy will store unused energies as fats. And this gets worse because failure to have adequate sleep increases the production of insulin and cortisol, which leads the body to store more fats! Poor sleep also affects the appetite-regulating hormone leptin which is responsible for informing the brain that the stomach is full. Lack of sleep also means being stress. And stress leads to eating more! So, if you are really into losing weight and maintaining it, be sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night: no more, no less.

weight loss tips are not just about what we eat, but also on how we sleep. Follow these simple ways of losing your weight and maintaining it of course, and you will soon achieve that healthy and fit body you’ve been wanting for – even on your busy schedule.

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