Weight Loss Tips for Men: Reducing Belly Fat

Weight Loss Tips for Men Get Rid of Belly Fat

Do you miss your younger and healthier years where you can climb the stairs and still catch your breath? When is the last time you looked is down and actually sees your toes and there’s no belly fat blocking the view? Don’t worry because it’s never too late to bring your fitness back. Here are weight loss tips for men that will not necessarily give you the six-packs but will help you start reducing belly fat.

Weight Loss Tips for Men Step by Step Guide

  • Establish your goal- Begin with an end in mind. Be realistic and manage your expectations. First, get your real weight. Then you can simply download weight loss apps which computes the right amount of weight you can lose every week. Don’t fall for crash dieting because it may harm you more. When your goals are realistic, you’ll avoid frustration and get real results. Slowly but surely as the saying goes.
  • Start changing your morning routines- Are you one of those who can’t function without a sip of hot coffee? Yes, coffee provides energy boost but the sugar, flavors, and whip cream you add contributes to your weight gain. Try to drink green, black, or red tea instead. They also have caffeine but have fewer sugars. You can also take simple exercises like stretching to circulate your blood.  Cook your own food instead of dropping by fast food or diner.
  • Change your grocery list- Take some time to raid your refrigerator and assess the quality of foods you have there. Take away everything which is processed, high in sodium, sodas, pizza, sweet foods, and other unhealthy foods from your fridge. We have a list of weight loss foods here that you can follow when you refill your ref. You either have totally new healthy recipes or start substituting weight gain foods with healthier ones.
  • Begin exercising- Yes it is comfortable to sit in the couch and drink beer while watching football after a long day but it is the perfect formula for belly fat. You can start lifting weights but not necessarily in the gym. Household chores such as taking the trash out, cleaning your room or doing the dishes can already burn calories and build your muscles.

Weight Loss for Men can Begin in Small Changes

Drinking beer can make you gain weight
Drinking beer can make you gain weight
  • Drink in moderation- This does only talk about beer and beer belly. There are many beverages out there which are high in calories and just turn into fats. Try reducing your alcohol, soda, and fruit juices intake and you’ll see your toes again.
  • Watch cooking shows- Yes, learn how to cook, like really cook. Eating outside can greatly contribute to weight gain especially fast foods. They are frozen, deep fried, high in sodium, and high in bad cholesterol. They also tempt you to eat more portions than you need (this is why combo meals exist and the cashier always ask you to upgrade to large).
  • Choose healthy snacks- Substitute Greek yogurt for a donut or an apple for a burger.
  • Eat more lean protein than carbs- Carbs turn into fats when they are not used by the body.
  • Prioritize your health- Remember that you work to live and not you live to work. Health is your greatest wealth.

Do you have more weight loss tips you want to share? Comment below.

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