What To Look For In Meal Replacements And Shakes?


Meal replacements and shakes have recently gained pace. But before proceeding further, it is necessary to know what is a meal replacement and shakes. They are short term or temporary main food substitutes. Due to busy life, many people cannot take out time to cook food thrice a day or every day. Therefore these meal replacements and shakes come to their rescue. It not only fills the stomach but also provides various nutrients to the users. It is also a convenient and easy way to kickstart a diet. But before starting with such replacements, it is necessary to watch out for some key points.

What To Look For In Meal Replacements And Shakes?
What To Look For In Meal Replacements And Shakes?

Points To Consider Before Starting With Meal Replacements And Shakes

  • No added sugar- many food replacements contain sugar or simple carbs to enhance the taste of low-fat food. Therefore before a person starts consuming such type of food and shakes, he must check on the content list.
  • Protein and fat- high-quality protein and fat keep the tummy full for a long time. They also enhance food taste and avoid and extra sugar. They help to reduce food cravings. Therefore one can add such proteins and fats in shakes and consume for building muscle and preventing fat gain. 
  • Extra fiber- one can easily consume 25 to 30 grams of dietary fibers for a healthy body. Therefore for any diet fiber is excellent, and one can easily add them in shakes.
  • Nutrients content- a meal must contain macro as well as micronutrients. Therefore meal replacements must be rich in minerals and vitamins. 
  • Real ingredients- while preparing shakes, one must try and incorporate nuts, seeds, and olive oil in it. These items keep the shake healthy and natural.

Content Of Food Replacements

What To Look For In Meal Replacements And Shakes?
What To Look For In Meal Replacements And Shakes?

For starters, a food replacement must have sugar at a low level or no sugar at all. It must be rich in protein and low in carbs. It also must have a low level of fat and calories. The meal must have an ample amount of fiber for a sound digestive system. And must contain all the macro as well as micronutrients. One must try and add real ingredients in it like fruits and nuts to keep it natural. Apart from the nutritional content, there are other items also. Whey protein is an excellent way of consuming protein. It helps in building muscle mass and does not result in fats. One can also drink an oat-based shake as a replacement. Milk-based shakes are also an option, and one can go for vegan shakes.


Before going for a food replacement and shakes, one must take note that this can be a temporary solution. The work that real food does to the body no replacements can do. Therefore it is good to consider such food replacements once a day and prefer consuming the leading meal. Such type of replacements is also good if a person is on a diet. They keep the body energetic and also healthy at the same time.

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