Why Strainer Is A Must For Your Kitchen


To clean the vegetables and fruit, you must have used the filter. Every cook needs a screen in the kitchen, and they are available in a different metal, size, and variants. During food preparation, you need to strain vegetables, rice, pasta, or other edibles. Though to find out the perfect filter is not rocket science, but still, you need to search for it in two or three shops. If you are thinking of having a screen is not necessary, then here you will know why it is a must for every kitchen.

Why Strainer Is A Must For Your Kitchen?

When you boil rice in water, then draining water is a must. A very little quantity of moist can ruin the rice. The same happens with spaghetti. When you want to remove the water from boiled noodles but could not find your colander on its place, and when you get it, the noodles become good for nothing. So it shows that a strainer or colander it a must for your kitchen.

Why Strainer Is A Must For Your Kitchen
Why Strainer Is A Must For Your Kitchen

As moist and warm water can bring some unavoidable changes in the taste and look of your food, so you need to be ready with all kinds of utensils to make it better. If you love cooking and serving the perfect meal is your passion, then you will defiantly have a filter in your kitchen as it is also an essential kitchen tool. Now let’s know how a colander works?

How Does Colander work?

A colander is a bowl that has many tiny holed in it. When you pour anything in it with water, the holes drain the water, and the solid item remains in the bowl. Now different types of filters are also available. These strainers are generally made from plastic and can be a clip on the bowl. This plastic filter also does the same work of water draining. In these plastic strainers, the holes are given that strain the water present with the substantial editable items. When you lean the bowl with a plastic filter on top of it, the water gets drained and leaves the food behind in the bowl only. You can use colanders in a few different ways. Let’s know about them.

· To Drain Water 

The most obvious and primary work of the drainer and colander is to drain the water from vegetables, fruits, cooked rice, pasta, and some kind of food in the water. Personally, I love the strainer to wash the grapes and berries as it drains the water and doesn’t let a single grape or berry to run from the bowl. 

· To Drain Juice

If you want to prepare fruit juice of some fruits for kids by meshing them, then strainer helps you in this as well. Make the fruit juice from the fruit like watermelon. All you need to do is to mesh the fruit in a bowl. Cover the bowl with a strainer and strain the fruit juice in a glass.

Plastic Pot Funnel Strainer

Instead of a strainer made from stainless steel, you can go for plastic pot funnel strainers. These filters are easy to use, clean, and store. Their clips on design give them a firm grip on the bowl.

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